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Name || Bran
Specis || Wolf/Carrion crow
Gender || Male/Transman
Age || 32
Sign || Taurus
Ethnicity || Welsh
Orientation || Pansexual
Occupation || Artist
Status || Engaged
Faith || Shinto/Pagan


Bran is a nature-lover who prefers to spend his time alone in the wilderness when he can. He likes to immerse himself in his hobbies and faith, finding little time for social situations. Bran has a deep respect for the cycle of life and enjoys collecting skulls and bones that he finds, often creating small shrines or crafts with them. He has very strong spiritual beliefs and his path is a mix of Shinto, Druidry and Paganism. 

Suffering from social anxiety, he finds that other people often make him anxious, irritated and eager to get away. His anxiety sometimes makes him seem distant and cold to others. However at heart, he just wants to help people and is a loving and compassionate soul. Bran enjoys helping and guiding others through spiritual guidance and practical advice. 

Bran has a few people who he feels incredibly protective over and would do anything for. He rarely shows aggression but will be quick to snarl if he feels someone he loves is in danger. 


  • Taxidermy, skulls and bones
  • Painting and drawing
  • Cryptozoology
  • Spending time in forests


  • Onions, garlic and mushrooms
  • Busy places and cities
  • Manipulative people
  • Disrespectful people



Bran's primary form is that of a stocky grey wolf with raven feathers protruding from his neck and tail fur. He is sometimes portrayed with black crow/raven wings. His eyes are a piercing red and his has larger than average upper canine teeth which hang down over his lip. Bran's fur is made up of various shades of greys. He always wears a blood-red magatama jewel around his neck. This jewel contains part of his soul and is the fuel for his transformations.

Bran is a devote Shinto worshiper and his patron kami is the agricultural god Inari-Okami. As well as being a follower of Shinto, Bran is also Pagan and has recently come into contact with the god Loki. 

Bran is an individual of many forms. These forms originally stemmed from myself drawing him in different ways but they have all ended up as facets of his personality. 

These are as follows (please refer to the images for reference):

  • Feral: This is the form Bran spends most of his time in. In this form he is slightly larger than a regular wolf (85cm at the shoulders). His species is a Eurasian grey wolf (Canis lupus lupus)
  • Anthro: As an anthro, Bran has unkempt black hair. He can also sometimes be drawn with an industrial piercing on his left upper ear. He is 5'9" in height at the top of his head. His clothing style composes of hoodies, band t-shirts and black jeans. 
  • Werewolf: In this form Bran does not have head hair, instead having a furry mane. His claws and teeth are longer and sharper with his feet and paws also being bigger. Bran is a lot more aggressive in this form, especially to strangers. In his were form he stands at 6'7"
  • Raven/Crow: Bran sometimes takes the form of a crow and more recently, a raven. In this form he has no distinguishing markings but does still have red eyes. 


  • Bran has been my primary fursona for 15 years. His current incarnation dates back to 2006, where he 'evolved' from my previous wolf fursona. As the character itself is very similar and only changing in markings, I consider the previous fursona (Evelyn) part of his character. 
  • My original username online was 'Wingedwolf' and so Bran is sometimes drawn with crow/raven wings. This is a feature that stems from 2002 when my fursona was Evelyn, a haibane wolf. Her wings originally turned black due to my 'sins'. These sins were, in fact, the struggle against mental illness. Although I am more at ease now with my illnesses, the black wings have remained a main feature. 
  • The idea for the magatama containing a part of his soul comes from Japanese mythology. Kitsune (Spirit foxes) often carry with them a jewel or spiritual ball of sorts, called a 'hoshi-no-tama' (translating to 'star ball'). This ball is said to be where the kitsune stores part of it's magic power.

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