Basic Info

Age 🎂


Birthday 📆

24th August

Zodiac ✨


Personality 🎭

Curious, Imaginative & Determined

Occupation 💼


Likes 💕

Stars, Photography & Camping

Dislikes 🗑️

Sunny Days, Getting Lost & Mosquitoes



Astra is a character of ours at Starsnap from us at Whales And Games!

Half human, half space, Astra is a child with an infinite curiosity about the mysteries that lie beyond the stars, even if her own existence is a huge mystery of it's own.

She's still getting a grip at her own natural talent, as she is able to move stars around in the sky. Astra likes coming up with shapes and names for constellations that she puts together in the sky, and she really likes taking photos of them to remember them by. She even made custom frames for her pictures!

She's an artist, and the night sky is her canvas!

Alongside loving star-gazing, Astra also loves to go camping under the stars. The only bad thing about camping are the annoying mosquitos. As to be expected, she prefers the night sky rather than sunny days.