Basic Info

Age 🎂


Birthday 📆

17th July

Zodiac ✨


Personality 🎭

Bragger, Hammy & Attention-Seeking

Occupation 💼

Trivia Game Host

Likes 💕

Quizzes, Challengers & Anime

Dislikes 🗑️

Gambling, Cultists & Soap Opears



Thothev is a character of ours at Vast Trivia Of The Void from us at Whales And Games!

Thothev, short for Thing Of The Void, is an omniscient shape-shifting worm-like eldritch monster that lives at the end of the universe. Despite some having witnessed his presence, his creation and unique properties are a mystery yet to be explained.

What would an omniscient creature of the abyss do with all that knowledge? Well, host a trivia game, of course!

Despite his appearance, Thothev is not dangerous at all and is instead hammy and a joker. You'd be surprised how much he chuckles when you get one of his questions wrong.

While he knowing everything about anime due to his omniscient knowledge, he still enjoys watching it. He can't really say the same thing about soap operas though. He also would rather not have weird cultists pleading to him, it makes him feel weird.