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 H A L O

D.o.B   [10/15/????]
Gender[Male, no genitals or reproductive organs]
Occupation[Unholy God]

★ P E R S O N A L I T Y ★

Halo is a male weasel at the ripe 'ol age of 300 years old. He is a god, but not exactly a holy one. In fact, he's the complete opposite, stealing angel wings just to add to his collection of them. This weasel isn't a particular happy-go-lucky one. He tends to be a bit of a grump, but is mainly smug, clever and cunning. He is not often seen committing acts of kindness, and tends to be what most would consider mischievous, maybe even mean to put it bluntly. He loves anything made of gold, and will steal anything that is legitimately gold. When given a gift from even someone considered to be the lowest of the low, if it is gold, he will forever be grateful to that being. He may do small favors, or even devote himself to a being based on what they present to them. If presented with a large item of gold, he will do virtually anything for the being offering it to him. If presented with a mere necklace of gold, or even a gold nugget, he will merely grant them, at most, two small favors. He is fair in that regard, and maybe even grateful. While Halo is a god, he does have his weaknesses. He can be killed just like any other ordinary humanoid. It is simply harder to take him out due to the fact that he has a number of godly powers such as telekinesis, teleportation, levitation, and above all else, his manipulative and cunning nature.

tumblr_m1zdo5a0Ur1r3we0y.gif P L A Y L I S T tumblr_m1zdo5a0Ur1r3we0y.gif
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 ❤ Likes ❤✘ Dislikes ✘
Sweaters, gold, Earl Grey tea, cloudy days, collecting angel wings, rain, winter,  naps
Bugs, unsweetened tea, smoking, summer, being bossed around, being pressured and children

  • If an artist were to draw him, I would prefer if he were properly portrayed as the "storybook villain" he really is. His fur is soft. His paws are squishy, but are a metallic gold, as are his claws and eye/pupils. I would like it if his fur was drawn to be as pointy as it is portrayed in the image by the original designer, but it is optional.

  • Sev had one parent: his mother. As far as he knows, his father simply didn't want to take responsibility for his child and wasn't ready to be a father. Halo holds no ill will towards him by any means. His parents were both mortals. 

    Being that both of his parents were mortals, Sev was granted his godly power by a holy higher-up, but obviously, the male didn't use it for good. He quickly found that the "holy" or "nice" way, simply didn't work for him. As one may put it, he would much rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. He felt out of place around the other holy beings. While they were together as a group, Halo felt more left out than anything. But, when he started speaking with not so holy beings, he was quickly accepted. He got his rather manipulative and hateful attitude from his many jaded years on planet Earth. It wasn't easy to ask and get what he wanted. It was much easier to push, shove and manipulate his way through life. It is almost odd to see him treating those he cares about completely differently.

8593593_P8g93Yb6Q9VeNxr.png8593593_P8g93Yb6Q9VeNxr.png 8593593_P8g93Yb6Q9VeNxr.png
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Design © Knightgriff 

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