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Basic Info






5' 2"


Cat/Dino Hybrid


Neutral, but leans more towards a male perspective (though he is a very feminine character)






$1,858 USD


Interaction: While wondering through the mystical and sunny lands of a faraway universe, you can't help but notice a large mansion located close to a bubbling stream. Trees surround the home, all of which sport bright and delicate flowers and fruits. A light breeze carries the scent of baked goods and sweet treats to you. Interested, you turn and as you start jogging towards the beautiful homescape along the cobblestone path leading towards the palace, you are suddenly surprised to find a magnificent garden with flowers blooming left and right. Walking around the neatly trimmed hedges and rows of exotic plants, you find a short, fluffy, and dragon-tailed creature. It seems to be humming a soft tune as it tends to a delicate daisy in the garden. As you move forward a few steps to get a closer look, he turns around and, startled, drops his watering can and spade. Gasping, he bends down to pick up his supplies before noticing your presence. He stands up, flustered. "O-Oh hello! I didn't see you.. um.. there. Um..." The creature stumbles on his words before straightening himself up. "I-I'm Nehza!" He takes off his gloves and extends a paw in greeting. "Very nice to meet you-" Suddenly, a cockatiel appears from behind him and flies around you, squawking. "SCREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! SCREE!". The bird swivels it's head at Nehza and squawks in a tone that almost sounds like a warning. Nehza slowly pulls it away from you before setting it on his floating crown above his head. It stares at you with an intimidating and skeptical gaze. He draws a long sigh. "So sorry.. This is my pet, Brandy. She is very protective of me. And we don't get many visitors here so she hasn't had time to work on her social skills." Very calmly, he looks around before turning back to you. He gestures to the large mansion behind him. "Why don't you come inside my home and share some tea and food with us? We can chat a little more inside and get out of this heat!" He sets down all of his tools in an oddly neat pattern and gives you a hopeful and inviting smile before walking away. Bio: Nehza is a short-statured, funny, fun-loving, and kind creature who is generally soft-spoken and innocent at heart. He seems very intelligent at first, but as you get to know him, it is apparent that he is very gullible. He doesn't understand sarcasm all that well, so he tries to make sure people say what they mean instead of playing with their words. He owns a pet cockatiel named Brandy who acts as a protector and as a second voice. She can speak a few words of the English language and some in French but most of the time it's just squawking. Brandy is always at his side (or stop his crown) and if she senses he is nervous or is uncomfortable, she will happily (and sometimes at Nehza's expense) let the other person/people know. This has caused a few disagreeable moments in their lifetime of companionship, but Nehza loves her nonetheless. He also enjoys tending to his immaculate gardens which house all of the thousands of his beloved pet snails. His gardens and orchards on the estate surround his palace home and fuel the grand balls he hosts every few months. Any and almost all food he has is gathered from the gardens and the water from the stream located on the left hand side of his palace. A little ways past the orchards a bee keeping haven can be found. Though Nehza dislikes most insects, some such as butterflies and bees are the exceptions, with bees "bee"ing his most favorited of all.