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Origin of name: The word "clastic" describes a rock made up of various fragments of preexisting rocks

Nicknames: Class, Hazard (old friends)

Mare (she/her)

ID: MYO010 | Official log thread | Chimes tracker

Clastic was born to lower class citizens of the desert region. To everyone's surprise, her body was composed of an actual iredescent gem. She was quickly made famous because of her appearance. However, this quickly turned out to be her downfall as well; her rock hooves, upon striking the stone ground too hard, create sparks. If the strike is too powerful, then fireworks are set off! The filly had to learn caution and restraint from a young age in order to avoid the fireworks from misfiring.

Growing up, she worked in the entertainment industry. However, she didn't find this kind of work fullfilling as quirlicorns didn't love her truly for who she was. As soon as she was of age, the mare traveled to the city of Izalera in quest of a job that would show her true colours to the world she lived in. She was drawn to government office work as a means of assisting the population and making connections.

Izalera belongs to QueenSunshineMonster

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