Master Zhou



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"I am a god of prophecy, who can only see what others do, their actions dictate all the possible futures that have yet to come. It is my duty to present these outcomes to those in need, in hopes that they will be able to forego their future and live as they should."

Name: Master Zhou

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Ace

Race: God of Dreams and Prophecy


- Eye twitches slightly if annoyed
- Sighed when bored or uninterested
- Fiddles with the strings of his outfit when attempting to ground themselves

Likes: Music, Company, His Baku, Watching his work come to fruition

Dislikes: Nightmares, The fact he can never sleep, People messing with his work

Positive Traits: Analytical, Decisive, Honorable

Negative Traits: Cryptic, Impersonal, Deadpan

Hobbies: Strolling through his gardens, he enjoys watching the dreams of those involved with music

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality Type

Despite holding around the attention span of a goldfish as well as being so old he no longer has many feelings to spare, he does happen to withhold some manner of personality to himself.

He appeals to those in need, whether they demon or mortal, they hold no real scorn for anyone except the celestial heavens. Who to him, see the world as nothing but a big show. Something he has claimed himself a hypocrite for, even though he does all he can to meddle with the affairs of the mortal realm.


Name: Spacial Manipulation

Description: He has the ability to control the Astral and Dreams around him, guiding nightmares to his domain in order to cleanse the owners of their worries.

Weakness: Too many nightmares will cause him to use up his powers to the point he loses control over the nightmares, prompting them to swarm his domain and infesting it.


Religion: Buddhism (Bodhisattva)

Politics: Finds the Celestial Heavens whole 'deal' quite annoying

Occupation: God of Dreams and Prophecy

Favorite Weapon: Doesn't fight

Favorite Animal: His Baku



Zhou is an ancient god who's past is as foregone as the rest of his memory. All that is, has, and ever will be, is seen not with magic, but through the calculated hubris of the dreams he watches over. He guides hero's, and appeals to those in need, tending to the ever riddled realm of dreams and nightmares with the aid of his Baku.

His home in the Astral can only be reached if one is capable of catching his Baku and riding it back to him.

The Astral itself is a wild realm of dreams and nightmares, eternal and never ending. Those who dare to traverse its paths will find themselves lost without a proper guide. It is best to keep to yourself when exploring such a place, less the madness sets in and swallows you into the void forevermore.

Music seems to be a powerful type of magic in the Astral, capable of manipulating both dreams and nightmares, something Zhou is quite fond of despite not being able to really carry a tune whatsoever nor play an instrument.


Relationships: None


Fang: Enjoys the music she plays, as well as the company she offers.

MK: See's familiarity within them, their desire to aid those in need resonates with his own. He's fond of him.