Vrandell Halla-caithon



4 years, 10 months ago

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Keletheryl (father, deceased), Priya (mother, deceased), Ardell (brother, living)


Sassy King

Physical Description:

Pale gold skin, gold hair, silver eyes. Hair is cut close to his head, ears are cropped and scarred. Maimed right hand and bad right leg. Tall and somewhat broad, previously more muscular.


Caring, intelligent, stubborn, morally-driven, can be hot-headed, history of rash decisions (he's working on it)


Smooth and pleasant, good speaking voice



A peacekeeper and just ruler.

Vrandell was the first son of Keletheryl and Priya, born during more or less prosperous and peaceful years. He was the light of his parents' lives in those early, easy days, and his childhood was full of smiles and laughter. He was prone to mischief but mostly harmless mischief, and his mother was quick to indulge him and defend him from his more stoic father. While not a wonderful student, he did passably in his studies - though he loathed all the statecraft he had to learn as the heir to the crown. He took more eagerly to learning the sword and bow - often taught by Keletheryl himself instead of the castle weaponsmaster. It was often the only time father and son spent together, and one of the few ways he found any praise from Keletheryl.

His relationship with Keletheryl grew strained after the death of his mother, who often tempered his father and drew out a softness in the old warrior-king. Keletheryl became demanding and distant and harsh in his grief. In return, Vrandell chafed under rules and responsibility and acted out more and more dramatically. When he was old enough, he would disappear from the castle altogether, going in disguise among the commoners and the soldiers for sometimes days at a time. Father and son fought, often and loudly, and Vrandell would do anything he could to spite his father, who only became colder and colder as the years passed. The two developed quite disparate thoughts on the future of the kingdom - Keletheryl was quick to anger in those later years and his rule became rocky and more warlike, while Vrandell wanted to parley and to bargain and to settle disputes amicably.

To others though, Vrandell was charming and charismatic, though sometimes a little careless with his words and dismissive. He was an exuberant friend and prone to telling grand stories and jokes, but could sometimes be jealous if he felt that he wasn't getting the attention he deserved. His romantic escapades were legendary and he found himself "falling in love" every few months with the next handsome man to make eyes at him. The relationships hardly lasted and the heartbreak afterwards often passed quickly as well. Keletheryl found such behavior (and Vrandell's orientation) to be an embarrassment like no other, but his outrage only pushed Vrandell into more and more "shameful" public displays. At the time of the coup that overthrew Keletheryl, their relationship was in ruin and they hadn't spoken outside of duty or formalities in weeks.

In direct contrast to his relationship with his father, Vrandell has only ever loved and looked after his younger brother Ardell. Ignoring completely any rumors that his brother was cursed, that he'd bring ruin to the kingdom, Vrandell has never once feared Ardell. The two were inseparable children, except when lessons (Vrandell) or illness (Ardell) forced them apart. Nothing has ever brought Vrandell more joy than being an older brother, and it broke his heart when Ardell began to retreat into himself and withdraw from the world for fear of the misfortune he supposedly caused others.

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