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Carrot Cake


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Cake was born to Fried Rice, who was previously a horse from the human dimension. Her mother, wary of this new world she found herself in, was often over-protective and emotionally neglectful as she struggled handling her own stress and confusion. Cake was partially raised by Difèrne and Baroque (whom she affectionately calls Auntie and Uncle) in Anthurium. 

Cake (or Cupcake) is innocent and trusting due to her young age. However, her upbeat exterior hides a fair level of uncertainty about the world and herself. This is due to her contrasting upbringing by Difèrne, who optmistically believes that the quirliverse is full of beauty and friendship, and her mother Rice, who believes the world to be unforgiving and dangerous. Cake also struggles with her identity as the daughter of a former horse and a quirlicorn. Believing herself to not be fully quirlicorn in a society of magical beings scares her. She mostly fears that she will not develop magic or a fantastic coat like her peers, or even have the same mental capacity as them. Nevertheless, she clings on to Difèrne's philosophy, hoping that a loving world would have some place for her.

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Songs: Could Have Been Me