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Morgan Redgrave
Shelter (Secret Sky)
Porter Robinson

01 — Profile

Name Morgan Redgrave
Nicknames Sweetheart
Age 19 (DMC5)
Gender Female ( she/her )
Height 170cm / 5'5"
Birthdate 03rd October
Zodiac Libra
Species Hybrid (Quarter Demon)
Occupation Librarian / "Witch"
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Devil Arm Caim (cane/estoc)
Devil Arm Memento (revolver)
  • often wears simple styped outfits, rarely anything too fancy or extravagant

  • tops are mostly turtlenecks, sweater vests, and button-ups

  • bottoms are mostly skirts and leggings, sometimes joggers

  • always wears boots. always

  • rarely excludes outwear in her outfits. ranging from jackets and (more) sweaters, even her dad's old shirts

  • accessorizes her hair often: headbands, ribbons and decorative clips

02 — Personality

Morgan is the daughter of Dante, but she has no interest in the devil hunting business. Instead, she works in a local library and offers warding services for a steep price. Despite having a general dislike for the action, she has been taught and trained to defend herself with her devil arm; preferring to distance herself in a fight and abusing her prowress in magic.

She's a quiet person, holding a calm and collected aura and unfazed by most of the nonsense around her. She is polite and gentle, but hides a surprising amount of sass and brutality if the situation calls for it.

  • strawberries

  • roses (purple colored)

  • sharks and trilobyte beetles

  • sound and smell of rain

  • olives

  • (violent) conflicts

  • being left alone

  • demons (Mundus especially)

03 — And so the story goes...

The Beginning

Morgan was found abandoned by Dante's doorstep, swaddled safe and warm in a wicker basket and fussing only slightly. It didn't take long before the Legendary Devil Hunter decided to take responsibility over this baby with a head full of snow white hair.
His daughter... Who would have thought?

In the early days, caring for an infant was no easy task. There was also the threat of demons crashing through his office to kill him and his daughter. Help, or some form of it, came in a frequent "visitor" that stalked the office, one that was in good graces with Dante for defending his sleeping daughter one night. Caim was an old demon knight who found strange concern over the baby. Dante ended up propositioning to the demon that they could be a babysitter- or guardian- to her. It only made the demon incredibly happy to care for the infant.

As she drew older, Caim was concerned that they would not be able to protect her. The old demon offered to be her devil arm, something that didn't necessarily have to be used in a fight, but could still defend her regardless. They ended up transforming into a cane that could shift into a deadly estoc, and given to Morgan officially when she turned 8.

Growing Pains (11 y.o)

Morgan found herself with a dilemma of sorts:
she had a massive dislike for the devil hunting business.

Dante had insisted that she train with her trusted devil arm- to learn to fight and defend against an enemy. He even had her join him on some jobs, "easy" ones where she could test her mettle against real threats under the watchful eye of her father.

Most likely it was a culumation of reasons that had her hating the business. The fear she felt whenever he had gotten injured. The pained concern whenever he came home exhausted with a worryingly blank expression. Sometimes even the nights that has him screaming himself awake and drenched in cold sweat, sobbing and whispering fevered apologies in her arms.

She eventually brought the topic up to her father, afraid that he would be disappointed with her if she said that she didn't want to follow in his footsteps. To her great surprise, he was open to the idea of not involving her in demon hunting.

Together they worked out a little agreement: she continue to keep up with her training, and that he doesn't ask her to join him on jobs anymore.

Devil May Cry 4 (14 y.o)

Having a bit of a stubborn streak, Morgan did sneakily follow Dante to Fortuna, something he knew she would do regardless of what he told her: to stay home and no skipping school.

With a fairly poor disguise, Morgan had a brief encounter with Nero, remarking his white hair and strange demon arm- the Devil Bringer, as the boy called it. The young knight eventually told her to get to safety, something she did... Until she saw the other knights struggling with the hoardes of demons.

She had been defending the panicking citizens and sheparding people to safety, assisting the braver knights in the fight. Dante did eventually confront her after Nero was absorbed into the Saviour, fiercely ordering her to "stay out of sight" out of concern over her safety.

Unable to sit around for long, young Morgan eventually went to search for her father, witnessing the defeat of the Saviour and Sanctus. She did reunite with Dante and the crew, knowing her cover was blown and she was in for a lecture later.

( Over the years, Nero continued to keep contact and the occasional visits to the Legendary Devil Hunter and his daughter. Morgan admits that she doesn't know if Nero is her cousin or actually her older brother and never found the courage to ask Dante about it. )

Devil May Cry 5 (19 y.o)

Morgan doesn't remember much of the incident, being a sort of victim herself. She had been coming home from the library she worked at, until she felt a pulse of... Something. Curious on what it is, she went to investigate against Caim's advice.

Who would have thought she would have to defend a naked man from a towering demon? By flitting him out to safety and buying the man time, she ended up being defeated by the demon and taken hostage. Unbeknownst to her, she had been encased in crystal, holding onto the same katana that should have been in Nero's possession...

It wasn't until a month later, that she was rescued and freed from her crystalline prison, serving as a distraction as the demon dubbed "Urizen" escaped. It took her a while to awaken, but it was until after the incident that she learned that Dante and Vergil had gone to the underworld to cut down the Qliphoth Tree and seal the barrier.

Onwards (20> y.o)

Morgan was coaxed to rest and recover at Fortuna, staying with Kyrie in the meantime. She busied herself with whatever work and chores she could get her hands on. But it didn't stop her from feeling like she was "left behind" or "abandoned" by her father.
He wouldn't- Right? But... Where are you, dad? Are you... Coming home...?

It was months later that the twins returned from the underworld, appearing from a portal and stumbling on exhausted legs in Nero's backyard. It took a few weeks of recuperation (and some of Morgan's fretting) before the twins and Morgan to head back home to the office.

04 — Trivia

  • From the age of 5, Morgan had been growing scales on her left arm. Over the years, the scales have grown to take over her entire arm, transforming her arm into a more demonic look, claws and all.

  • On paper, Morgan works as a librarian. But as a side job, she does translation jobs on papers and books of demonic origin. She also took to selling small warding trinkets (able to protect the user against demonic influences and other magicks) and assisting in warding rooms and/or spaces against demon invasions.

  • Due to being raised by a full-blooded demon, Morgan may actually be fluent in Latin, Enochian, and various demonic languages. She makes use of that knowledge via her side job.

  • Caim has been casting a protective ward around Morgan ever since they met her, effectively rendering her near undetectable to other demons who seek to kill any kin of Sparda.

  • Morgan has gained the attention of a coven of witches in a faraway place called "The Sleeping Coast". The library she works at has been visited by a witch as of late, only there to observe and investigate.

05 — Relationships


Her rock on stormy waters.

Morgan cares for her father just as much as he does for her, trading friendly banter and spending ample time together. She hasn't known any other parent and wishes for nothing more.


Morgan has faint but fond memories of her giant bird-like demon friend and caretaker, the one who spent time with her when her father was off on jobs.

Although they have lost their massive hulking body, she has gained an eternal guardian in the form of a trusty and loyal devil arm.


Stubborn, brash and loud. That's Nero for you.

Morgan enjoys spending time with him whenever he visits from Fortuna, often opting to bring him around town. They're like siblings: with all roughhousing, teasing and banter. She hopes to help him understand his more demonic half with her countless research.


Vergil's stoic and near-unfriendly demeanour didn't stir her away much, often hearing those stories about her "stick-up-his-ass" uncle from her father.

Regardless, Morgan spends the time helping him navigating his awkwardness, clearly unused to social interactions after decades of hardship and torture. She hopes to be a source of calm, despite whatever nonsense her father chooses to inflict on him.