Morgan Redgrave (DMC)



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Morgan Redgrave

Name Morgan Redgrave
Age 19 (DMC5, 03rd October)
Gender Female (she/her)
Species Hybrid (Quarter Demon)
Occupation Librarian, "Witch"
Devil Arm(s) Caim (cane/estoc)


Morgan is the daughter of Dante, but she has no interest in the devil hunting business.
Instead, she works in a local library and offers warding services for a steep price. Despite having a general dislike for the action, she has been taught and trained to defend herself with her devil arm; preferring to distance herself in a fight and abusing her prowress in magic.

She's a quiet person, holding a calm and collected aura and unfazed by most of the nonsense around her. She' i's polite and gentle, but hides a surprising amount of sass and brutality if the situation calls for it.

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