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gorgeous character!!

thank you! :]

As a lover of starry themes, Niche really does embody that sort of starlit night sky theme! She’s definitely giving off the vibes of a godly being as being a god herself, and I love both her human and dragon form! I love the writing made for her and the fun facts such the fact that she can change color depending on her mood- I find that neat! 

Thank you very much c: 

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thank you so much for leaving a comment <3 I appreciate that a lot.
As well as the compliment, I´m happy you think that way!!
I try to make and write them somewhat good haha, because yes gods and space are definitely very common things in characters.

Yes, In a way she has, as she has created the whole universe which consists of many gods (characters) who are living in it as well. She is also able to create other gods directly if she wanted and it does take a lot of power. But she is close to never doing it like that. It´s kind of in a way that she lets them "grow up to gods" on their own. (that´s how most gods are in her universe, they develop and are often none gods first. but yes, she can speed up that process herself as well when she wants) ^^