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Hello and welcome to my Toyhouse! Please enjoy taking a peak but also check emoji keys before offering! Offering frequently on characters that are not up for offer may result in a block.


I am happy to do pinglists for any OC as long as asked, pinglists are kept private.

Please do not copy, steal, trace, kin, create a sibling of, or otherwise reference my characters without my express written permission. A lot of these characters have very personal meaning or significance to me, and a lot of the art or writing I do of them is often kept private.

Fan art is welcomed and appreciated, and I try to respond to any comment I see :3

Please note that characters may have depictions of violence, gore, drug use, or other horrific circumstances. I do not celebrate or condone any of the real-life happenings. I ask that you be aware of such themes going forward, and leave if any of them could be potentially triggering to you.

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