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Basic Info



Species (closed)

2.0 Lucky Catsune (MYO Design - $7 + $12.50 for Upgrade)


Standard (common)


Square (common)


2 Pairs / 4 Arms


3 Smooth Tails (common)

Trait / Specifics

1 Pair of Horns (common) /// Eye-like Markings /// Collar with No Bell


Catsune are a psychic species of spirits with slight shapeshifting abilities. They are able to shift their face to look more like Foxes and can change their body types and ears. They can have two to four arms and one to four tails. This changes from Cat to Cat depending on needs and preference. They cannot change their legs.

Naturally their faces are slightly more flattened than a normal feline snout, but not as far as Persians and other flat faced breeds. Some prefer a longer, more fox like snout.

Catsune do best in pairs but can live peacefully in colonies up to five. After five in a Clowder, fights can break out to establish a pecking order. When this happens, you can get a pair of Cats that will fuse in a way to create an ***Emperor Catsune to maintain their dominance, but this has not been recorded in centuries.

Catsune are bipedal with very dainty, frail legs and toes. As such, they will often use their arms and psychic powers to carry themselves instead of walking to keep themselves from harm.

A Catsune’s arms can extend up to 10 feet in length, allowing them a good amount of reach and/or height if the need arises. Their “paws” can come with claws extended or retracted. As their arms are an extension of their souls and/or Psychic abilities, they can be either corporeal or incorporeal, have a silky smooth texture and feel cool to the touch.

Catsune have a love of anything sparkly and shiny, and are always pleased to receive jewelry as a gift. They also love anything super soft and fuzzy. Unlike normal cats, they do not care as much about confined spaces.