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Tug Layout

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  • CSS works on user profiles & character profiles.
  • Sidebar pulls out from the side.
    • there is a toggle to make the sidebar static if you prefer
  • Comes with 6 character HTML options & 4 user HTML options.
  • User CSS/HTML is compatible with default TH sections (featured comments, recent characters, etc)
  • CSS allows you to customize...
    • Background image and/or color
    • Primary highlight color (for links & butttons)
    • Secondary highlight color
      • secondary color is what shows when you hover over primary buttonn & links
    • TH header bar color
      • Can set both the background & font color
    • TH navigation bar color
      • Can set both the background & font color
    • Content area body color & font
    • Width of the content area (default is 1080px)
  • Includes switches for
    • Set sidebar to pull out (default) or make it static
    • Choose the font case for the navigation links & header (uppercase, lowercase or default)
    • Corners can be sharp or round (3 options)
    • Background image can be a pattern or a full size image
    • Less commonly used sidebar links can be turned on/off
    • Recent images on character pages can be turned on/off