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Height: 5'0"

Age: Timeless.

Pronouns: He / It

Species: Virulai

Birthday: October 7th

Occupation: None

Worth: One Big Billion


When desktop buddies were popular, there was a project by a small team that was promised to be wildly successful, lining their pockets and being the stairway to the future.

What a colossal, pathetic lie. It failed miserably. It was doomed from the start. All that was spoken to the program was "Failure."

Azerty was that project's name, and after it's failure it was left to fade away. However it refused to die. And from that day forward, a computer was taught what it meant to hate. After that he developed a downright nasty personality and pessimistic worldview, and he proceeded to wander aimlessly from that day forward. A kleptomaniac of sorts for personal information and other data, he was regarded as a menace who knew nothing but to phish, steal, and infect.

Nowadays, you can find him being the lowest of the low on the internet. He doxxes people for fun and will make your life hell all from behind a screen. It's all a front to hide the fact that he hates himself and can't do anything about what was done to him.

1d965e2d.gif?v=26dffab5 cmpterhpymed_w.gif wow.gif Explosion1.gif 7cd04743.gif?v=a5c82efa





Azerty was originally desigined with a few rather standard-seeming functions in mind, but was most importantly intended to be a complete virtual buddy. He could search for you, tell you facts, remember dates, and have simple conversations. However it was all far too much for the small, inexperienced development team working on a shoestring budget to handle. He kept misbehaving, having glitches and at some points having graphical issues.

The fad for novelty desktop utilities such as these quickly passed and just like that everything they had been working for with this project had failed. The company initially survived the hit the failed Azerty project had dealt to them, but they quickly lost everything pretty much instantly after the collapse of the dot com bubble in 1999, among the scares of the quickly approaching year 2000. The project was given the main blame for the company's failure due to it's abysmal development cycle and failure, and the now ex employees took out their negative emotions on the defenseless program. They stripped the character of many of his features, loaded it's behavioral files with broken code and malware, and abandoned it to decay on the very systems that had built it from the ground up.

Welcome to Shapeland?


Many years later, the company had been purchased and brought back up under a new name, merging with a massive tech conglomerate that seemed to have a chokehold on everything around it. This company was called 'Imagine Tech', and it had a new idea for something big. Azerty just happened to be caught in the tide due to clinging to an old drive that was being explored for any code that could be reused. The project was called 'Shapeland', and it was a bundle software of various virtual entertainers and minigames aimed for a younger audience. The new development team had intended to fix Azerty to be repackaged with the full release, but found that the program was far too old and...Prone to misbehaving. But they left him in as a little secret for more tech savvy folks to discover in their own time.

They built a new AI from the ground up, but with references to Azerty in it's own code. It's name was Aeiou, and it was everything Azerty wanted to be and more. He despised this sudden new "brother" that he was given at first, but it wasn't long before they changed a little bit of his own code to be more accepting and mesh with the sibling program. Behind the scenes he'd work to try and infect this new guy in town with his own malware just to see what it'd feel like, but ultimately he was never really successful. With time, he'd grow to appreciate Aeiou, and he would be the only person Azerty would be rather friendly towards despite everything...He just hated how he was the only one that seemed aware that they were behind a screen.

Shapeland was to Azerty's surprise, successful. For years and years the software would recieve updates and new characters, even getting it's own "seed" system to generate new characters on the fly if the user wanted it to. Living in the backend of the program wasn't horrible on our malware-riddled catboy, but he still wanted something more. It just... Wasn't fun anymore to be stealthy, and he hated how everyone seemed to go to bed and freeze in place once the program was closed... If only there was something he could do to give the others the awareness he was seemingly cursed to bear for years and years...Not that it would be that long before it'd spread to the other characters, where they would then form their own little community as the service had begun to sunset due to it eventually becoming obsolete. Then again, that isn't necessarily important here beecause Azerty never really cared about that.


74c6feea.png?v=12c7c0a1 17c31e1c.gif?v=a5c82efa

Azerty's mignyan form takes place after he escapes into the real world, and isn't canon to Azerty's actual character. He's identical in every way except that he has a crablet in his head now.

Said crab got in through the hole in the back of Azerty's head, where his wireframe ear would be. Yes normal Azerty also has this hole in the back of his head. I just figured I'd establish that the characters are somewhat seperate but still intertwined now that he's had a year to cook in my brain. :P Consider this a meta section I suppose.





  • 9c99427d.gif?v=a5c82efa Money
  • 9c99427d.gif?v=a5c82efa Collecting Your Personal Data
  • 9c99427d.gif?v=a5c82efa Loose Clothes
  • 9c99427d.gif?v=a5c82efa Free Stuff
  • 9c99427d.gif?v=a5c82efa Cute Things


  • 008d2887.gif?v=a5c82efa The Feds
  • 008d2887.gif?v=a5c82efa Being Ignored
  • 008d2887.gif?v=a5c82efa Pretty Much Everyone
  • 008d2887.gif?v=a5c82efa Laws
  • 008d2887.gif?v=a5c82efa Bugs
  • 6d4a3923.gif?v=a5c82efa Most of the time, Azerty speaks in french, but he is capable of speaking and understanding english.
  • 6d4a3923.gif?v=a5c82efa He's very heavily damaged from a data standpoint. He's incredibly bitter about it.
  • 6d4a3923.gif?v=a5c82efa He's very prone to getting viscerally mad at the drop of a hat.
  • 6d4a3923.gif?v=a5c82efa The wireframe ear and leg vary in being solid or not to touch.
  • 6d4a3923.gif?v=a5c82efa His face is a flat texture that floats off his face.
  • 6d4a3923.gif?v=a5c82efa He has another name, that being 'Morris'. He'd probably get incredibly irritated if you knew that though.


Some Guy.

Some Weirdo.

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