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Basic Info




Vystrian wolf / Death hellwolf Hybrid


Chaotic Good






Luna Moth (Eisei 衛星) (female)


A Brief History
Vox was fathered by a member of a Hellwolf pack and quickly rejected from their ranks. The Myr pack felt obligated to take him in but eventually decided they didn't want the responsibility of caring for a Hellwolf and were especially put off by his strange demeanor and lack of social skills. He was eventually left behind as an attempt to return him to his former Hellwolf pack when things went horribly wrong and he was taken by Demons.

Lean in build, Vox is a rather intimidating wolf hybrid. His coat is rough and seldom does he ever groom it. The second head on the end of his tail is not very sentient and tends to simply exist behind him. It drools an opaque slime when he is aggitated. His teeth, claws and flesh are a ghostly blue/green color. He looks especially intimidating after being roughed up a little in battle. Another odd part about him are his front paws being rather hand-like. 

He was the subject of demon experiments. They attempted to turn him into a vicious fighting machine but only half succeeded. His tail-head was created so he wouldn't need to worry about enemies behind him and his front paws were the start of a far deadlier weapon. He was able to escape due to an extremely lucky chain of events on his end.

His eyes are the same shade of teal as the rest of his body and his pupils are white, but he was injured as a pup when his pack rejected him so that he couldn't use his fatal glance against them. Now he keeps them shut all the time and even if he overcomes the pain it causes him to open them, he is blind anyway .

Vox is very quick on his feet, and relies mostly on speed to counter his enemies. A bite from his tail can be quite painful but due to the failure of the experiment the demons were doing on him, he doesn't have full control over it and therefore cannot rely on it fully. He would much rather outsmart his enemies than outfight them. Aditionally, His saliva is extremely cold and can freeze on contact causing the receiver to have stunningly sharp pains along with the other side effects from flash-freezing.

Likes; The cold, quiet, night time, the smell of damp grass, frost in the early morning and thick forests.
Dislikes; The Myr pack and his old Hellwolf pack, extremely warm and dry weather.

Vox and Eisei share a rather unique relationship. They are both very attached to eachother in a platonic yet intimate way. They have both faced various hardships in their lives and they've always made sure to comfort eachother and to never be too distant. Eisei is rather shy and is easily intimidated by outsiders and Vox does his best not to upset her by being too outward. Whenever Vox senses the Eisei is becoming uncomfortable he always makes sure to tone it down for her.