Ice, baby



2 years, 5 months ago


Rules may sound strict but I'm just tryna cover all my bases lol, I'm pretty chill as long as people aren't claiming freebs with no intention of following through. Please read my demands the rules, and let me know you agree to them when posting!

Must be uploaded to Art Fight, and a link provided to me, so that I can draw them once it starts
If not uploaded to AF, or if taken down/hidden before I can submit art, I reserve the right to revoke the character, as that defeats the entire purpose of making these lol
(if you want to hide the character to prevent others from drawing it, just talk with me about it when you claim)
Chara can be hidden from AF as desired after I submit art to it
Once art is added on AF, the character can be traded/sold for whatever you wish
The art I add on AF is allowed to be counted towards the value of the character, value it at whatever you wish
Please mention in your claim that you agree to these rules when claiming, or claim will not be accepted ;w;