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Name Sir Vinaron Auren Lynthale of Sunhold
Age 135 (45, Physically)
Height 1.85m
Species High Elf
Gender Male
Pronouns He / Him
Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Retired Soldier / Paladin
Theme x

Status Active, Secondary character
Designer Eggdis
Worth ???


Vinaron is a silent person, rarely sharing his thoughts even when asked about them. He tends to bottle things up and deal with things on his own. He is scarred, both emotionally and physically by the many battles he fought trough, making it hard for him to trust people and let people get close. People that do manage to get close will find that Vinaron is very tired emotionally, constantly in the survival state of mind because he feels wary of the Avarris that live around him, and the vampires he shares his home with. Vinaron is also quite prideful and doesn't like recieving help with issues he thinks he can fix on his own, making it also quite rare for him to ask for help.

Vinaron is also very patient, taking his time when explaining things to people if they appear confused, and not really minding having to explain himself again if they are genuine. He takes great pleasure with the smaller things in life, such as hiking trough forests, bird watching and having friendly sparring matches with friends.

Design Notes

  • The eye under the eyepatch is scarred and blind.
  • Vinaron is an old man, please don't forget his wrinkles!
  • He has intricate tattoos covering his body up to about his neck.
  • Vinaron shaves the majority of his hair, keeping only a small amount of hair in a ponytail. He shaves bars in his facial hair for the aesthetic.
  • He often wears blouses with a vest and a small tie.


  • Vinaron doesn't enjoy talking about how he lost his eye. It's very personal to him.
  • Aeviid is probably the reason why Vinaron has trouble with letting people get close. The two have a shared past, having had a romantic relationship years ago and leaving a feeling of betrayal when she came out as a lesbian. He doesn't hold it against her personally, but it did leave it's mark on him.
  • He collects swords as a hobby.
  • Due to his missing eye, he has some issues seeing depth and occasionally stumbles around in an awkward manner.
  • Every one of his tatoos has a meaning, to him at least. For example, the ones on his hands were placed when he got knighted by Aeviid's royal family.
  • He is very skilled at tracking people.
  • He has hayfever, pollen irritate his eyes and nose.


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  • Handmade swords.
  • Hiking alone.
  • Surviving in the wood.
  • Fancy clothing.
  • Bragging about his tattoos.


  • Questions about his eye.
  • Scaled Avarris.
  • Blooming flowers.
  • Modern weapons.
  • Vampires.
Belphegor Frenemies with benefits

Vinaron has a funny relationship with Belphegor. While it often looks like the two despise one another, they also appear to be very close. Vinaron is distrustful of the Avarri, mostly due to old encounters that have warped his judgement. He doesn't like admitting that the two are close and that he considers Belphegor a friend, maybe even more than ''just a friend''.

Aeviid Ex-Girlfriend

Vinaron was a knight appointed to Aeviid for her own safety. He spent years putting his life on the line for her, and still would if he had to. The two spent a lot of time together after her kingdom fell. Over time they grew closer and closer, Aeviid growing more affectionate towards him. Vinaron was very open to this and even appreciated her supposed feelings for him. When she told him her reasoning for being in a relationship were purely for selfish reasons and that she wasn't even interested in men, he felt betrayed and heartbroken. Although he doesn't hold it against her.

Name relationship

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Name relationship

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