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The last creation of the Well, after a centuries-long drought of both Arcanas and Miras. The last of its love, its magic, its power, converged into a final love letter to the exhausted planets orbiting it. Duality encompassed: the end of the Arcanas, and the opening of a new chapter in the galaxy's history. 

Parsle lives his life on the Orbital Observation Station & Habitat, a neutral ground orbiting the Well to monitor it. Here, he learns of the world from the scientists surrounding him, who have taken on the duty of guiding one of the Arcanas - the most powerful gods the Well creates - as their masterwork. Spearheading this is the Head Magiologist, Ailia, who sees in Parlse a way to atone for unleashing the other Arcanas on the world with no training or morality.

But she is not the only one interested in him. The dozens of factions across the galaxy have turned their eyes to the Well's last gift, eager to utilize his power and presence to back their political schemes, solidify their influence, or keep him from their rivals. And, of course, no one is interested in what Parsle has to say.

The World.