$25 Fashion Goblins [1/4 OPEN]




1. Emo/Scene - TAKEN PerkyPandaArts@FA

2. Vsco girl - TAKEN Blueclaws@FA

3.  Bohemian - TAKEN The_Zoo_Adopts@FA

4. Lolita - OPEN

Comment on this image to claim the adopt. (by clicking "Comments" to the left of this post)

First come, first serve. Please make it clear which you want, and that you want it!

Base Cost $25 each

Add Back View +$10

Add Clothes +$20 (+$10 more for clothing back view)

Change Details +$5-10 (change breast size, penis size, hairstyle, etc just ask)

Any other ideas you have, feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do! Let me know if you have any questions about pricing.

(feel free to ask about customs if interested, I haven't thought of the pricing just yet though!)

- I don't take trades for these, sorry!

- No holds on these for now.

- You may change the gender of the adopt. The markings and colors may be changed slightly, but please do not change so much that the original design is unrecognizable.

- Please do not remove my signature (between feet) on the unwatermarked adopt once purchased.

- Do not resell the adopt for more than you paid, unless additional paid artwork is included.

- You may trade or gift the adopt, but I'd love to know who the new owner is!

- I'd love to see if you eventually get any art of the adopt. <3

Paypal only. Unwatermarked and bigger version (with a bonus area showing accessories/tattoos) will be sent in a note after payment.

Base (c) sp3epy @ DeviantArt

Edits/Design (c) grimmgin