You can search all my TH if you like, the only ones I don't give are in "Main" and "Clown" <3

does anyone on my toyhouse interests you ? some are off limits but asking is ok nwn

I did like these two, but idk if you'd trade either of them X'3 (totally ok if not though!! πŸ’–)

Aaa sadly i got them not too long ago ;w;

I'll let you know if i change my mind tho since i'm still thinking about trading pom ;0;

All good! ^u^/

If your willing, I'd be ok with trading him for maybe 2 customs? ^o^ (frontal/outfit view for both?)

Again totally ok if not though! OuO/

Eeee i'd be totally up to do that !πŸ‘€πŸ’•

If you want you can dm me all the details and info for the customs on discord !Β 


will do! OuO/ <3

You have a lot of cute characterssss!!
Sadly I didn't really see anyone i'd use much in that folder, so sorry! QuQ
I appreciate the offer though!! πŸ’–πŸ’–

Ah such a beautiful design! Can't wait to see what you have planned story wise for this beaut!

Thank you !!Β 

I'm still thinking things out for him but I'm also excited !!Β 

Ahh even if I don't know you I'm so happy for you!Β 

Please ping me when you think something up because this guy is killing my creativity in a good way haha!