Itty Bitty



9 months, 13 days ago


Name: Itty Bitty

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Race: Spider Demon (Jumping Spider)

Other names: Muffin, Ibby


- Fiddles with her scarf when nervous
- Claps hands when happy

Likes: Candied Bugs, Games, Drawing, New Friends

Dislikes: Arguing, Bullies, Having to Fight (She likes watching the other's spar tho)

Positive Traits: Gentle, Adventurous, Imaginative

Negative Traits: Shy, Gullible

Hobbies: Playing games, watching others, hunting small prey

Alignment: Neutral "Undecided"

Personality Type

IB is generally shy around most people who aren't family or close friends. However this doesn't stop her from following after strangers who seem like they might make for a good new playmate. People like Sandy tend to be her preferred personality. Someone who is gentle yet strong, to keep her safe.


Name: Night Vision

Description: IB can generally see very well in the dark.

Weakness: Sensitive to most bright flashes of light as well as outside light. (Requires tinted glasses when going outside)

Name: Shapeshift

Description: She can shapeshift the bottom of her torso to its true form to help her jump and climb walls.

Weakness: She can't hold it for long though, as it tires her out.

Name: Sensitivity

Description: The little 'tuffs' on her head are sensitive to most sounds and vibrations, giving her an astute sense of her surroundings.

Weakness: Unfortunately this leaves her prone to more high pitched noises.


Politics: She follows the same code as the others, under rule of the Spider Queen.

Occupation: Caretaker, Scavenger

Favorite Color: Dark blue

Favorite Food: Candied Bugs

Favorite Possession: Scarf

Favorite Weapon: Stickyweb bombs


Birthday: ???

Education: Instinct and self-taught


IB was born into the colony a long while back before Syntax was brought in. She didn't have much, but was tasked to tend to the rest of the brood giving her a nurturing status. She wasn't much of a talker, but did her job hunting smaller game. She did befriend someone who happened to be pals with Goliath at one point. Not much can be said at the moment of who they were, just that they disappeared one day and left behind their scarf with IB. As well as a note to Goliath asking that they keep a few eyes on IB till they return.

IB favors Goliath because of how nice he can be. She's tried befriending the others but with little success other than the occasional head pat.

Of course her devotion to the Queen comes first, but that doesn't mean she can't have a few friends too right?


Siblings: None atm

Pets: Chipz! A personal spiderbot for her given by Syntax after he deemed it 'obsolete' to his cause.