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✦ Lock

"I wish I could fly away and lay down on the clouds."

Lock is, in short, a nervous wreck. She's very jumpy. She has very fast survivalist reflexes, and has a strong punch. She can't stand the thought of not being able to defend herself. Because of this, Lock is in high school wrestling. She's one of only two girls in the program. Lock also has a keen eye for potentially harmful people, sometimes too keen, and due to that, she only gets along with people who wouldn't hurt a fly. To those lucky few, she will stick by their sides through thick and thin. Loyal is practically her middle name. She's very introverted, is quick to hold grudges, and keeps them forever. Lock's room is forever a mess- she is a lazy slob and she's not going to try and change that. Her grades are just barely passing. Part of this is because she frequently loses her homework, but it's mostly because she has a terrible memory. However, she has an exceptional sense of direction. She hardly gets lost. Lock's sense of humor mostly consists of a mixture of absurdity and self-deprecation.


Lock is slightly shorter than average, and she has a tan complexion with clear skin. Her nose is round and wide. Her midnight blue hair is damaged from multiple home dye jobs, but she's keeping it blue for now. She has bright gold eyes. Her typical outfit is casual and comfortable, with a yellow key necklace around her neck. She is muscular but a little overweight. Her voice is raspy, rough, and low-pitched.

✦ Story

Growing up, Lock lived in an unstable, crime-ridden area. She got her defensive anxiety-induced instincts there. Her parents were very poor and could barely afford a house. Her dad was constantly buying alcohol, cigarettes, and lottery tickets. He soon resorted to theft to get by. During this time, the family was doing a bit better, and could finally afford to move out. They soon lived in a tiny two-room apartment, which although cramped, was a lot safer. Later on, though, her dad was finally caught and arrested. Lock's mom had no idea what to do, so she started working two jobs. Two turned to three and she was constantly exhausted. Poor Lock, who was 12-13 at the time, felt so alone. Her middle school years were tumultuous and drama-filled. She started to eat cheap snacks for comfort and attention and she gained weight quickly. She had developed a dependence on food.

When Lock entered high school, she took a physical fitness class as soon as she could. She thought that maybe if she exercised more she could justify eating so much. It didn't really work. In the middle of freshman year she met her first friend in a long time. That friend motivated her. Lock had a lot of emotional issues to sort out, too. However, Lock just kinda pushed them to the side and ignored the emotional warning signs. After a while, emotional burnout hit her and she lashed out at her friend after a minor disagreement. The friend's ankle was broken and Lock was suspended. Things became strained between them, and suddenly Lock was alone again. She didn't have the one person she could lean on anymore. Her grades were abysmal and if they didn't rise soon she'd have to repeat 9th grade. That was a huge wake-up call her for, but she didn't have it in her to work any harder.

She did end up having to be held back, and she hated every second of it. She did find happiness in PE class, though. It was the only part of the day where she didn't have to use her brain too much, but was still too occupied to think about her not-so-bright future. She began to jog after school every day in addition, to clear her head. She went through some really dark times, but somehow she managed to pull through that year. When she became a sophomore she finally qualified to join wrestling. She made friends with the only other female participant quickly.

✦ Relationships


(This character is unspecified, but it is the former friend she met in her first year.)


(Another unspecified character. This is the current friend in wrestling.)


Her cousin and the only member of her family that she really cares about. 

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