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Arseni is crass and mouthy, exceptionally vulgar in his speaking and lacking in restraint of when he speaks. He's confrontational and has a short fuse, and seems all too eager to fight at any provocation. Arseni doesn't seem to learn lessons regardless of how many times his stupid shitkid behavior gets him reprimanded. On a good day, he can be decent company, but he seems to enjoy being pissed at something. All that said, Arseni has an odd capacity for situational rationality; he can be a bully at times (most of the time), but he decidedly has no interest in attacking someone regarding something they can't control, such as a disability, and is actually very accommodating to such things.

One of the only people he seems to get along with is Nikotiemus, for whatever reason. Most likely due to Arseni knowing sign language, and Nikotiemus (who is deaf) appreciating that greatly.

Pronunciation ARR - sen - ee

Pronouns He/Him

Race Feral Tiefling

Class Sorcerer, Barbarian

Subclass Draconic Bloodline

No, his class is not well optmizied. He's ragey and stupid.

Age 22

Height 5'0" (without horns)

Do Draw Them
  • Cocky/Pissed/Grumpy/Resting Bitch Face/etc.
  • With Nikotiemus (see Relationships tab for details)
  • In any outfit (existing or otherwise) that suits him
  • With rough, spiky skin that has draconic scales over some areas and entire spiny protrusions in others.
Don't Draw Them
  • Looking too peaceful or happy
  • With normal teeth (they're all pointed) or nails (he has claws)
  • Too tall (he's a short king)


Arseni has a complexion colored a dusky, blood-red hue. The edges of his extremities darken as if singed, he has draconic scales here and there across his skin, and little, scaly spikes adorn some places on his body and face, making him a bit prickly overall.

His hair grows in a mohawk of rigid, black bristles rising from the center of his skull. He has dark brows of the same black, with a vertical stripe missing from the sides of both. Arseni's eyes are the color of molten lava, with narrow, cat-like slit pupils.

Arseni has a pair of long, thick horns that arch up over his head, framing the mohawk of his hair. The material of the horns looks perpetually like cooling lava, with veins throughout the material that almost seem to glow orange, as if the core of the horns is impossibly hot. This flares up and looks even hotter when his temper rises. He also has a long, prehensile tail with a diamond-shaped tip like a blade, the tip being partially flexible, but made of some chitinous material that allows the edges to be very sharp. Though not abnormal, his long, thin, elfin ears combined with these other features give him a very impish, devilish aesthetic. Every tooth in his mouth is pointed and carnivorous looking, and he has a forked tongue.

He also has extremely bad resting bitch face. His neutral expression is "moderately pissed off".

His fashion sense is somewhere in the ballpark of "lazy fantasy punk or something", and he commonly has a number of facial and ear piercings; primarily small gauges in either lobe, some rings towards the tips of his ears, and a septum ring. These are all made of either black or brass metals.



Arseni lives with Nikotiemus, who is absolutely nothing like him, and yet has taken the most unlikely liking to him possible. Through a few leaps of faith, they've come to trust each other in a strange way, coming to one another's aid in their time of need. Nikotiemus is easily the only person who puts up with Arseni--let alone calls him a friend. While Arseni doesn't know how to really express his feelings outside of anger, Niko has earned his undying loyalty. Also they fuck sometimes.