Vent (Vincent)



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36✦ Male ✦ he/him



Full name is Vincent Roger Chase. Nick name is Vent Vincent likes to go by Vent than his bithname Vincent and only very close to him like Kloshbet, the Old couple and Bridy can call him Vinny which was a nickname that his mom called him before she died and in her last breaths but no one really calls him that. Vent is around 36 and works a lawyer. Vent hates his anthro form so he stays in his human form


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A tall drak skin man with pure white eyes the white are form the AP exparments so he will contacts when he works so he dosen't freak anyone out. He weres a purple buttion down with a black tie and pants.


"Life is tough, my Darling, but so are you."

  • coffee
  • watching tv
  • History Channle
  • cooking
  • Dad Jokes
  • loseing
  • being disrepicted
  • Starbucks
  • being on the computer all the time
  • salmon


He takes care of her and she loves him like a Dad. He also takes her to see some triles he works on. He loves to cook for her and they love spending family time together


Vent has a mager crush on her and he is super kind to her. Vent finds that he can easly talk to her about things and that he would proteacty her with is life.

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As a young kid he never had a good home life his dad was abusive. His mom was that one how took the mos care of Vent and she loved, to young vent she was his everything. When he was 5 his dad killed his mom and vent tried to fight back and when he did his dad was left some huge cutes for the knife. When the police arvied the father told then thatit was Vent how killed his mother and that it was an accident. Vent was forcsed to live with with is father util he was 14. Vent turned to crime aournd this time Vent meet Axlander. They started doing small crimes like vandlisim and robbie. during one of their crimes they meet Shiba hows real name is Shara and murder was add to their list of crimes they did. They all became veray close friends. It was during one of thses crimes was when they where caught but instead of going to jail they where offerd a job form the orgnization which mande them take part of the AP expaermnets. Vincent got his anthro form at this time, he hated it he would say that it made him look a monster. Vent was only 17 when this happend and was 19 when he lefy the orgnationz, He relized that what he was doing was wrong and the things he did only hurt people and not helped me. A nice fmaily known as the Chase's took Vent in and helped him get on his feet again, beacuse one of their family merembers lost their kid to the orgnization and knew that they could help Vent to. Vent when to law school to become a lawyer and he movied his last name to his middle name and took the last name of the family that has helped him. Vent worked as a laywer for a couple of months before he helped with Catfé with the takeover. Vent Meet Kloshbet at this time she was very young and he say himself in her and belived that she would do great tings so he adopted her and the onwers of the Catfé let Kloshbet and him live in the appermnets above the cafe. Vent later meet Birby, he feel head over heas for he but he was to scared to tell her that he liked her. Vent is helping Kloshbet to surive highschool and just living his life.