[UFS/T] Memento Twin Dolls



11 months, 20 days ago
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Art from 2018, for an OC art print set. Currently unsure of what to do with them... Will take an offer if it's good! I'm not very attached to them, so I'll be taking offers easier than the others.
They come in a set of 2, with mirrored and color-swapped designs. My concept was dolls!

Disclaimer: I sell/sold them as a print set! I'll take them off the market if they sell (the prints have sold about 4-5 sets). I can also send you the remaining prints if you bundle in a shipping fee. In USD: 3.95 USA, 9.00 Canada, 10.95 International.

SALE offers are ok! PayPal only, no character trades. I'll consider art offers and art/USD combo offers! I will only consider art of characters from this folder.
Minimum offer of 15 USD please!! Serious offers only.

With their sale you will get:

  • Full res unwatermarked art, separate and together. I can also provide a textless/transparent background version.
  • I will not sell them separately. You can choose not to use one character/half. (They're color-swapped mirrored characters, after all.)
  • A4 size art prints if opted-in to include them (I have 6 sets and will include all of them for the price of shipping)
  • If you choose not to buy the prints, I will most likely give them out for free or use them in print "mystery pack" bundles. It's ultimately up to what you wish! I'd just prefer not to destroy them.

For extra USD, I can draw you a new chibi fullbody reference design of them both. Price depends on style/complexity, likely around 30 USD for both.

My terms of service:

  • My terms of service are subject to change at any time. When starting a transaction, the iteration you agreed to on the date of initial inquiry will be valid.
  • No refunds for pre-made designs (this one).
  • If you intend to/decide to use the design commercially (IE merchandise, Vtubers, video games), the design license will be 3x the initial cost. If you want to use the design that way sometime after buying them, please pay the initial cost x3 at said later time. This applies to all owners, including future ones.
  • Designs cannot be sold for more than what the user bought them for unless value is added (IE art). I will keep a log of what each design sold for initially.
  • I retain credit for making the original design.
  • I do not represent the actions of my designs' future owners, nor do I represent the art/writing/etc. they provide. I am not responsible for anything the design's future owners do with them.
  • I do not revoke designs under any circumstances, and any future owners cannot revoke designs either.
  • Edits and changes are ok! Gender, clothing, hair, anything. Please keep the original design image somewhere on their profile (IE a separate tab) without any edits.
  • Making them closed/open/semi-open species is ok!
  • Basically, do whatever you like with them besides what I explicitly ask not to.

    If you commission me (IIDX/DEADRKGK) for art of a design I made, commissions are 20% off!