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As the integral circle structure, Kolo is the living embodiment of circles, spheres, and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Circles exist because Kolo exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

Pya's right-hand-man and the general enforcer of rules for the rag-tag Magnitude fragments, Kolo does his best to keep the others in line and ensure things like "world domination" and "egomaniacal dictatorships" aren't on their agendas. Though he pushed to give himself the position out of a sense of responsibility, in reality it has isolated him and left him nearly incapable of moving past his childhood trauma.

Standoffish, isolationist, and oftentimes rude, Kolo constantly manufactures distance between himself and others, paranoid that if anyone saw who he really was inside that they'd abandon him and hate him. Unable to convince himself he's more than a monster, he loses himself in self-loathing spirals and overthinking. His actual self - humorous, creative, empathetic, and persistent - is obscured to him.

This is partially because of Bereave's actions towards him, when he was younger: after Bereave had disappeared, Kolo went out to search for him, who was at-the-time a parental figure. When found, rather than returning, Bereave inflicted a curse on Kolo - his personality disorder and self-hatred. 

Rather than express any of it, he instead withdrew into himself and took up writing. However, sudden romantic attention from Dijamant - longtime crush of his and one of the more concerning dictators - have allowed him to begin to slowly pull down his walls and develop past the mental blocks he's had for most of his life.

For once, it's nice to be able to bond with people.

Biographic Information

Name Kolo


Phonetics kohl-oh

Height no




Occupation bitching

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity Circles

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)Psittacines

AlignmentLawful Good

Primary Theme ♬Honeycomb

Secondary Theme ♬Amanita

Kolo always has a snappy word to say: an insult, an attack, something meant to devalue and keep people away from him. He's observant enough to pick up on someone's sensitive spots and knows how to drive a stake through them - and does this often, in order to self-isolate. It has the added bonus of being perfect fodder for self-hatred spirals, because he's not self-centered enough to think he's doing the right thing.

Attempts at connection are swiftly shut down with non-responsiveness or further aggressiveness. Can never admit he enjoys someone else's presence, in case his worthless feelings dare to impose on their wants and desires (after all, they're just pretending to like him, right?). Prone to just ignoring people and dropping them. 

Finds worth and things to love in most things, even though he fails to articulate it. Empathizes deeply, even with inanimate objects, and feels defeated when they're broken or discarded. Attaches himself and self-inserts onto fictional characters, especially those universally loved. Always suddenly struck with simultaneous gratitude for his position in life, and hatred for "taking up" a spot that should've been given to someone more deserving.

Fantasizes about being lavished over and loved and cared for unconditionally. Idolizes confidence in others, something he sees little of himself. Pleasure is derived from either pretending everyone hates him and dreaming about them vocalizing it, or through being loved despite his continual protests. Good luck getting a straight answer out of him.

Desires the happiness of others above his own; very willing (eager, even!) to sacrifice his if he thinks it's for the better good. Tries to tell self positive-thinking mantras and whatnot, but only really feels secure with other's validation. Writes stories to cope with his feelings and desires "healthily". Wonders who he could've been, if the chips had fallen differently.


  • ~long long ago all the world was contained in the singularity, which was so lonely and sad it ripped itself apart into genesis and bereave, the creator deities~ ignore the fact that genesis stole all the creation magic
  • ignore the fact that bereave always resented genesis for that
  • when genesis created the world, they unknowingly also created the mags, the integral structures of the world - as a base blueprint for existence to draw timelines off of. they eventually found the mags sort of vibing in the void - genesis was instantly in love, bereave not so hot on them
  • genesis creates a glade for them & bereave & the mags to live together! and they'll teach the mags about the world genesis made!
    • this has widely been seen as a mistake.
  • kolo was one of the first mags, being one of the simplest shapes, alongside linija. linija was more outspoken than he was when the other mags trickled in to meet them and he defaulted to a more submissive, quiet role
  • developed to  always be really shy/awkward, quietly convinced there was nothing remarkable about him and felt useless. didn't really do much but lingered and stared O_O
  • idolized pya & dij, the two strongest mags/genesis & bereave's favorites, for their domineering(ish) personalities, identities, and authorities, started crushing on dij hard since he was so charismatic, popular, strong.... everything babby kolo wanted to be!
  • ended up writing awkward self-insert fics about being cool and smart and likeable and dij's boyfriend, then slowly started journaling and continuing writing those self-insert stories as a way to cope with what he felt was his un-remarkability and uselessness
      • bereave ended up so resentful of genesis he fucks off into the abyss. genesis is completely distraught and inconsolable, dij and pya take it upon themselves to go search for bereave. kolo ruminates over wanting to help until finally...
      • asked to be allowed to go with pya; was allowed to go with him, despite dij's misgivings about the situation
      • found bereave in a strange forest, but failed to bring him back - rather, was horribly traumatized by his parental figure and cursed with intense anxiety, paranoia, and emotions he couldn't control and that activated more when he looked at other people
      • stumbled back to mags terrified of everyone, cowered in his room, tried to articulate himself but failed to. dij was furious, berated him for coming on the mission when he couldn't emotionally handle it
      • genesis eventually disappeared, mags are in disarray, pya disappears soon after to try to look for genesis and doesn't return
      • dij panics, starts searching desperately for pya, mags fall further into panic and confusion
      • after pya went missing, realized he had to step up to the plate; began working hard to comfort and guide the others
  • (After all without pya/dij here, someone had to prevent everyone from going nuts and he would have to be that last someone, that last stand, no matter what)
  • refused to talk about trauma, feeling it made him weak, eventually culminated in a bout of extreme anxiety in which he fled their glade and ran into the woods he'd found bereave in
  • was about to seriously harm himself or attempt to kill himself or ??? when he sort of projected dijamant around him and he danced a little bit and then felt re-energized and stumbled back to the glade
  • returned to the mags quickly so as not to like, make them terrified
  • eventually managed to find pya again, though he was nearly dead at bereave's feet
  • took a hit from bereave to shield pya, was healed by pya, bereave fucked off
  • returned home as pya's confidante and new authority figure; was already respected as the guide during the rough time where pya had left
  • now served as enforcer of pya's rule and local nosy bitch
  • keeps the other mags in check, still, trying to stop egomania and arrogance from breeding, still out of his original fears from bereave's curse
  • when zehneck brings up the idea of leaving the glade behind, so as to "close" this chapter of their lives, kolo and pya agree, and they move to a part of spacetime that becomes known as Home/Magtown
  • secretly kolo is SUPER relieved because the glade had so many bad memories for him 
    • ~time passes~
  • ends up putting together the rescue party that would eventually save trougao from the machine in the alpha timeline. feels awkward about this bc they both have bereave-related trauma, but feels trou's is more legitimate and doesn't want to talk about it (trou IDOLIZES him)
    • ?? there's other stuff in here but it's pretty vague so i'll leave it out for now, time passes
  • after pya rejected dij's advances, he fell into a serious, volatile slump
  • kolo kept a close eye on him, worried he'd end up resorting to doing stupid shit (like he normally did), regularly checked up on him, kept obvious tabs, etc
  • little did he know this SUPER appealed to dij, made dij look at him in a new light, and then made dij sort-of attracted towards him - especially since he'd never bedded kolo before and that made him interesting
  • dij ends up courting him primarily through being EXTREMELY insistent and writing him very bad, awkward poetry; kolo at first resists, but he hasn't really stopped crushing on dij since he was younger
  • ends up letting dij dance with him after a party and ends up giving him a chance
  • the dance was awkward, horrible, neither of them are great at dancing but it's the first time kolo's really let down his walls in... forever... and dij is having fun, and he's having fun, and maybe it's ok?
    • details still a little fuzzy here
  • tl;dr eventually dij and kolo have a real, legit heart-to-heart, with kolo screaming about his genuine feelings and really just releasing everything he's been penting up for years and years, 
  • dij is instantly fascinated and kind of heartbroken and spills too, and they both realize they've been living lies/facades all their existences, and just sort of embrace each other for like an hour and cry a little

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Dijamant    (partner)
Exceedingly nervous about relationship. Had a crush on Dijamant forever, is super flustered they're dating now. Feels secure knowing Dij is around, but is terrified he's leaning on the other too much. Deeply grateful Dij shows his actual self to Kolo, wants to help him be a better person, too. Finds himself constantly empathizing with him.


Pyatiugolnik    (best friend)
Protective as hell of Pya. Genuinely trying to look out for him, despite... questionable decisions (why are you dating Pere, Pya?!). Willing to put himself/his own dignity on the line and take the fall for Pya instead. Not always a good source of comfort or advice, though, and they just... don't know each other that well.


Juice    (best friend)
After demanding the other Mags accept Juice and standing up for him, grew very close. The two bonded over shared trauma. Finds Juice's outlook and coping refreshing, and longs to be more like him. Feels freed and relaxed when around him. Not comfortable enough to fully open up, but has let down some walls.


Linija    (close friend)
Oldest friend, first person he ever met, as the original two Mags. Deep soft spot for each other, is quietly grateful it hasn't needed much upkeep. Linija still teases (and it gets under Kolo's skin easily) but he's cried on Linija's shoulder a few times. Not emotionally open with him, but would trust with his life. 


Zehneck    (friend)
Good friends. The other voice of reason for these maniacs. Doesn't exactly trust Zehneck with his personal shit, but does go to him for helping in Mag-wrangling and advice on difficult topics. Finds the contrarian attitude to be aggravating at times, but respects that he's polite about it. Once upon a time, had a crush. (It's gone now.)


Ellipsa    (friend)
They're both circles, kind of, so... beyond that, rather fond of him. Likes Ellipsa's attitude and relative maturity; trusts him at least to some degree. Prone to trusting Ellipsa's judgement and going along with what he wants. Isn't super close, especially not emotionally, but who is Kolo emotionally close with?


Peresekat    (ugh)
Admitting he likes anything about Pere is pulling teeth. But he does like Pere, and he likes Pere's attention towards him and envies his attitude and closeness to Dij. Just wishes the guy understood the terminology of "boundaries" more than not at all. Still, ignoring those boundaries is what let them be friends in the first place....


Polukrug    (friend......?)
Extremely irritated by Polly's attitude, apathy, and nonchalance, but it's mostly born of jealousy. Knows technically Polly did nothing wrong, but damnit, it's not fair they get to lounge around all day and waste their life while he has to suffer. Tries to get over his feelings of resentment by avoiding the other and only stepping in if neccesary.


Farley    (friend?)
Cares a lot about Farley and wants him to be happy, but ridiculously paranoid about Farley's power level and his lack of influence over the other. Thinks he's a nice kid otherwise, respectable, it's cute to see someone with such a mortal job. Keeps trying to rub elbows. Is it working...? That's anybody's guess. 


Polumesec    (disliked)
Thinks he's a cunt stuck up his own ass. Had his trauma invasively read by Polum and then utilized against him in constant night terrors. Seriously peeved at this, is not joking about learning dream magic just to put Polum in his fucking place. Wishes they were on better terms, but Polum soured it in the first place - the onus is on him.


Pravougaonik    (no.)
Attitude is awful, behavior is abhorrent, is needlessly cruel, never shuts up. Legitimately cannot fathom why anyone would want to be that much of a dick for no purpose. Avoids literally at all costs. Instantly anxious when in a room together. Hates how he and Dij fight. Astonished at how well he gets along with his friends.



Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Circles, stories, procedures
Organize, manage, moderate
Immobility, loathing, jealousy

Power: to have control

Tarot Card: Judgement

Timeline: theta Θ

Name Origins

"Kolo" comes from коло, which means "circle/wheel" in Ukrainian. It's also a slavic dance!

In Fights

Hard to catch him in a physical fight, almost always prefers using His Words(TM). Will react defensively if pushed, but is more likely to try to wear the other down through yelling. Not very good at the split-second critical thinking needed for battling, mostly dodges and uses magic. Adept mage, though he isn't creative when panicking and trying to fight. Works best as a support, or healer.

If pushed, will call Pya, Dij, or Juice to fight for him. Do you want to battle any of those three?

Living Spaces

Books. All his own. Scattered. Gifts he's gotten are sorted neatly on shelves and in drawers. Neurotic about everything being in its place, but fairly minimalistic and has few possessions. Light is always streaming in through the windows, and through an open-ish balcony space. Roof is dedicated to a small loft area and lots of flowers.

Sleeps in a separate location surrounded by waterfalls, because white noise is soothing and he, a Mag, can be a little extra if he wants. Bed is in the center, and the water flows out from underneath it. 

Basement is a giant library, of his own writings. Sprawling, with bookcases stretching from floor to ceiling, stuffed so tightly with books they can't be physically removed and need to be teleported out. It's organized haphazardly. Near the entrance is his writing desk, wide and wooden, where WIPs are kept.

Public Perception

Despite his presence among the Mags, Kolo is generally unknown outside of them. Though he has Blessed a few Fragments, his name is lost to general obscurity. Frags well-versed in Mag literature/mythology will easily recall him, but otherwise he's rather forgettable. He's ultimately fine with this - stars forbid he deals with Frags invoking him.

Mags love and care about him. Nobody hates you, Kolo. Please calm down.

Self Perception

Why am I such a bad person? I wish I wasn't such a bad person. How can I stop being such a bad person? I guess I can't, because I am so bad. It's really sad, because everyone around me is so good, and I am so bad I bring them down by proxy. I hate myself. I should die.

Ribbons & Awards



Ribbons sourced from this resource.

Favorite Color(s)
royal blue, blues, yellows

Favorite Weather
rain, thunderstorms, rainbows

Favorite Food(s)

  • 27002305_2vAC24EhNDTKlIM.pngBasics
    • Strongest sense is hearing; strongest taste is bitter
    • Ambidextrous, prefers right
    • Libra / Scorpio / Scorpio 
  • Hobbies
    • Writing stories (duh). His house has a massive library, filled with his own works. Most of what he writes is painfully self-insert fiction, with the other Mags appearing as side characters. There's a mix of a lot of genres - from high fantasy to porn - and his favorite to work on is a many-book series where he is the beloved diplomat of a kingdom resolving world conflicts.
      • It's not open to the public, and he doesn't let people read his works (except Dijamant.)
    • He reads other books, though it's hard for them to keep his interest.
    • Okay singer, but doesn't practice, mostly absently mumbles along to any music that's playing.
  • Preferences
    • Magic: adept at practical magery, conjuring, things like that. Magic is associated with pools, stories, paper, ink, procedures, regulations, control, and rules.
    • Music: aligns with neo-psychedelic pop, shoegaze, etc. You'd expect the stuffy librarian guy to like classical, but he rather dislikes it. Wouldn't be into anything particularly obscure.
    • Stories: political intrigues, particularly with high stakes. Likes seeing clever characters weasel their way to victory or out of situations.
    • Food: cold sweets, not much else. Doesn't like eating most other foods - they make him feel sick, especially spicy foods. No idea how to cook either.
    • Partners: someone he feels comfortable enough to lean on and let down walls around, which usually translates to people who constantly push his boundaries/break past them. Loves being chased, even if he won't admit it.
    • Traits: determination, confidence, self-assurance
    • Dates: staycations, or anything where they can stay home and he feels comfortable.
  • Favorites
    • Animal: likes big bulky protective animals, like wyverns.
    • Drink: milkshakes (cookies n cream), otherwise ice water.
    • Sweet: ice cream (cookies n cream or vanilla).
    • Season: Autumn.
    • Chore: Bad at housework; Dij is the maid in the relationship. Likes wiping things down, at least?
  • Misc
    • Has Blessed a handful (four) of Frags, but no longer does so - finds it both annoyingly biased and a bringer of unwanted attention. He doesn't hate/dislike the ones he has Blessed, just avoids them.
      • These people are seen as the "experts" on Kolo's concepts/magics and people go to them when they're dealing with circles.
    • Is associated with pools of water and bubbles; he finds the noise soothing and relies on it for sleep.
    • He smokes socially and for mild stress relief. Nicotine doesn't affect his body, but he's pavlov'd himself into finding it relaxing.
    • Reads innuendos into a lot of things and flusters himself. Good at hiding it unless Dijamant is around, since that man is like 90% innuendo.
    • Sleeps with plushies, likes being in pillow/blanket forts and tucked in. Personalizes the plushies with names, super embarrassed and won't tell people any.
    • As the circle structure... has a great ass & boobs ;)
  • Fandom
    • Rain World
      • Favorite Animal: Miros Birds
      • Slugcat: Monk
      • Karma: 6th6th_level.png& 1st1st.png
      • Achievement: The Scholar
    • Pokemon 
      • Types: Grass/Steel
      • Moveset: Circle Throw, Round, Smart Strike, Punishment.
    • Random Dice 
      • Deck: Metastasis, Wave, Infect, Summoner, Landmine.

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