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Name Kolo

Pronouns he/him

Age adult

Race -

Spectrum Magnitude Fragment

Homeland ???

Location ???


As the integral circle structure, Kolo is the living embodiment of circles, spheres, and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Circles exist because Kolo exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

The acting head of the Mag Frags, Kolo does his best to keep the others in line and not devolving into egomaniacal dictators. Though he shoulders this responsibility alone of his own will, it has isolated him due to the nature of having to be the one to interfere in others' business. He isn't a mean guy, just nosy and insistent.

Cursed by Bereave to have intense borderline PD when he was younger, Kolo's life was defined by struggling to deal with his mental illness. Though he loved the other Mags, as was natural to him, coping with his paranoia made befriending them seemingly impossible, and he withdrew into himself, writing stories instead to cope with loneliness. 

In recent years, sudden romantic attention from one of the strongest other Mags - Dijamant - has helped him climb out of his shell and socialize more. Though he's still saddled with illness, being out and around his friends has helped. 


Biographic Information 

Phonetics kohl-oh

Height 19'07", sometimes






Occupation bitching

Affiliation Mag Frags

Affinity Circles

AlignmentLawful Good


Primary ThemeAmanita

Secondary ThemeHoneycomb

Tertiary ThemeGhost Town


Partner(s) Dijamant

Best FriendZehneck

Oldest Friend Ellipsa


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He isn't quite the leader of the Magnitude Frags - if anyone asked, the answer would be Pyatiugolnik, clearly. Pya's the one who shows up to gently beat anyone back into line... but when it comes to the daily and hands-on life, Kolo is the true leader. He keeps his nose buried in everyone else's business to ensure that they're not plotting the demise of the entire world as they know it.

He speaks his mind, always, and with a firm glare centered on his face. Getting Kolo to smile has become somewhat of a running bet among the other Mags, with plenty staked on who can get him to grin next. Kolo's well aware of this, and takes it in stride - games are fun, people enjoy them, and they tend to boost morale. He doesn't mind being their center of attention for not too long.

When not busy nagging and harping on his fellows, the rest of his hours are spent alone, usually in his own quarters or office. Dedicated to the written word, Kolo has filled an entire library by himself of his stories - all fiction, almost everything part of a connected universe he'd invented. Nobody is allowed to touch any of the extensive volumes, of course, even though they've been enchanted to withstand fires, floods, damage, and time itself. Could he be... embarrassed? No, of course not.

There may be some debate about whether or not Kolo's actual job is needed, but a good leader does not let the murmurs of dissent shake him, right?

Mostly he just looks out for dangerous world-ending or world-takeover schemes. Stuff like when Dijamant took over a whole bunch of Timelines - that's what Kolo's trying to stop, not necessarily crush all opposition under his foot. As the most powerful entities in the entire world, their duty is to protect and cherish all life, letting it live its course as it desires. That means not meddling in mortal affairs, or trying to impose their will on lesser Fragments. Hence, Kolo spends enough time with the others to actively try to prevent that.

And, well, some of it might be the fear that the strongest Mag Frags could turn on the weaker ones, should their patience be tested enough. Kolo harbors plenty of anxiety around the strongest - people like Pya, Dij, Peresekat... their descent into frustration would be the thing of nightmares. They need someone to help keep them in check.

As a part of this, he's also fairly against Blessings in general, finding them to be extensive displays of favoritism and influencing the culture of lesser Frags. He actually has a small handful of Fragments he's Blessed, but in recent years Kolo hasn't touched Blessings with a ten-foot pole. It's not like he treats Blessed Frags any differently or shames the Mags who do Bless, but he does make his opinion clear if asked for it.

Despite his strong moral code and desire to imprint it on his friends, Kolo is fairly sensible. He has no interest in stomping out someone's personality and preferences, and understands (very well) the line between active maliciousness and mischievousness. Sure, it's annoying when people don't listen to him telling them to put the cup on a coaster, but it's not a crime, and he knows better than to try to pretend it is. 

Still, the other Mags find him fairly annoying anyways. He's most certainly not the most popular of the bunch, although Kolo doesn't let that bother him - he's ridiculously introverted, anyways, and he prefers his time alone to the company of the others. Of course he still loves them all! It's just... well, look at them. Who would want to spend every waking moment with those dolts? 

And a good leader has to be mostly impartial, anyways. Look at Pya - he spends all his time alone to achieve perfect impartiality and distance. No need to go to that extreme for Kolo, of course, but what a model to look up to!

Such lines of thinking were destroyed when, of all Mags, Dijamant took a shining to Kolo. Not just a shining. A crush. A huge crush. A ridiculously huge crush that made him tail after Kolo like a puppy, tail wagging, begging for attention. It was stupid

Not only was Dij super-powerful, making him already a huge point of nerves for Kolo, but also he couldn't figure out why or how he caught the other's eye. It wasn't like he'd been doing anything different than he had for years - he'd still been just looking after the Mags, yelling at people who stepped out of line - why Dij, and why now

It doesn't help that Peresekat found out and then totally pushed for the relationship, and then news bled to everyone else and they only doubled down further. It'd be cute, the dumbasses told him. It'd be nice to have Dijamant focus on something! How trite.

Unfortunately, Dij's efforts are fairly... nice. Kolo's never seen him act so selfless in the pursuit of something - a far cry from the typical my-way-or-highway arrogance that Dij usually displays. And, well, maybe extensive therapy through a partner might be what Dij needs to hang up his megalomania once and for all...?

Oh stars he's justifying Dijamant's crush. Mercy on his Magninium.


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My Stats















  • Favorite color is royal blue
  • Really enjoys spring showers
  • Hates all food, save for milkshakes, which he begrudgingly accepts (and loves)
  • Strongest sense is hearing; strongest taste is bitter
  • Ambidextrous, prefers right
  • Moveset: Circle Throw / Round / Punishment / Smart Strike
  • Admires Dij's determination and confidence, wants to mimic that
  • Host of a massive library mostly filled with his own works, but stores fiction he finds particularly inspiring or interesting
    • It is not open to the public!! Stop coming in!!
    • His office is also here, and he spends most of his time here
  • Would take away his Blessings to lower Frags if he could, but doesn't antagonize the ones he's Blessed or anything
  • Bedroom consists of a massive, shallow pool of water with his bed floating in the center, surrounded by gentle, slow waterfalls
  • Smokes socially, doesn't really do it on his own time
  • Easily flustered, but ends up reading innuendoes into innocent conversation and flustering himself
  • Likes to hug things in his sleep
    • Also wears his soft sweater to sleep
    • Hugs a plushie if Dij isn't sleeping with him
  • Truthfully super enjoys Zehneck and Dij because they help make him laugh
  • Kissed Ellipsa a few times in his youth, but never went further with him
  • Doesn't know about anxiety medication, but would refuse to take it if he did know
  • As the circle structure... he has a great ass and boobs ;)

Public Perception

Despite his presence among the Mags, Kolo is generally unknown outside of them. Though he has Blessed a few Fragments, his name is lost to general obscurity. Frags well-versed in Mag literature/mythology will easily recall him, but otherwise he's rather forgettable. He's ultimately fine with this.

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