Ella Lucien



1 year, 2 months ago


Ella Lucien is a two-bit catburglar, pickpocket, con artist, and surprisingly powerful psychic. Always thirsting for fame and fortune, Ella joined up in the unspecified past with a traveling hypnotist and gradually re-worked the whole thing into a stage-show magic spectacular with her as his dutiful assistant. With his powers of hypnotism and her ability to induce realistic hallucinations, it was almost like the magic was real... Which it kind of was.

Sadly for them, the Psychonauts caught wind of their scheme - and the large number of wallets and purses Ella had purloined - and shut the whole operation down. Now confined to a psycho-isolation chamber at the Motherlobe, it looked like Ella's days were numbered... unless she went straight and joined up as formal member of the Psychonauts.

Now a probationary Psychonaut, Ella's acrobatic and illusion skills are a powerful asset for the defense of the mental world... if they'd ever send her out on missions. She spends most of her time at the Motherlobe preparing coffee and taking memos for those more powerful than her. She doesn't mind - once she gets to cut her teeth on a real mission, the whole world will finally know the name Ella Lucien!

Ella craves fame more than anything, but never seems to want the spotlight directly. She always attaches herself to somebody more authoritative than herself, goading them into her half-baked plans to hit it big. She currently self-stylizes as the Assistant Second Head, which would be better stated as Assistant to theĀ Second Head.