Panella Gray (Anathema)



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  • Panella Gray

  • pronouns She/Her
  • species Equine
  • background Wild
  • age 27
  • height 10hh

"I see. Do you?"

Panella "Nella" Gray is a young Wild Mage who is just trying to make it in the world. She uses her magic to tell fortunes and peer into the future.


Nella is soft-spoken, empathetic, and calm. Her friends would describe her as a free spirit, spiritual, and loyal. She doesn't let her blindness inhibit her life. She can be fiesty, and will definitely fight for what she believes in. She has a few friends, but she keeps them very close. WC: 50


Panella Gray was born blind to loving parents. Her family was one of many who led a nomadic life, travelling from town to town, city to city. Their small community was like one large family, taking care of one another, especially Nella. Since she was born blind, the whole community was very protective of her. Everyone pitched in to take care of Panella and teach her their ways, helping her adapt their methods to best suit her and her condition. She became the best at fortune telling and psychic reading, as that is what her magic manifested into. It was then that she began going with her community into the towns and cities. While her family made money by running cons or stealing, Nella wasn't conning anyone because she was actually telling real fortunes and giving truthful readings. As she got older, she wanted to get away from the "less than legal" lifestyle that her family was leading. With the help of her parents, she made it to Faline, where a circus had come to the city. After talking to everyone she needed to, and proving her abilities and talents, she was hired. She has been with the circus ever since. WC: 201

Psychic Abilities

Power 3


Cost 3


Panella's current psychic abilities are exclusive to telling fortunes and premonitions. These abilities are usually very vague, with only one or two specifics. Because of this, unhappy customers and skeptics write her off as just another con artist.


  • (1) Magic use reduces the caster's mobility or reflexes.
  • (2) Magic use consumes a valuable material.
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