🛩️ Pilot 🛩️



2 years, 2 months ago


Pilot • she/them • devious free spirit 


Wild card who wants to be everywhere at once. She sometimes likes taking advantage of her devious side to play mean tricks, to then immediately bail to avoid being cursed. She likes the adrenaline rush of it all. Pilot is a mystery to everyone she meets.


Pilot, a wild card of a cat. Who likes playing tricks and making bank while their at it. She was trapped in Hevetti when she was adopted by a classy harpip who tasked himself with making a classy citizen out of an untamable spinxyn, by showing her how to be polite, fancy, and how to make bank ethically. She let him believe his training was working after she figured out what he was doing, just long enough for him to gift her wings as a congratulations to himself for taming a Spinx. She bailed not long after, and was free to be the sinker that was trapped away for years. She likes making money just to spend it, often seen in lame infomercials or around town. About 60% of her fortune goes directly towards dingy fish sandwiches.

Other Details: 

Pilot seems really extroverted, but naturally they’re very shy. They only really tend to act out and do mean things out of spite of their harpip guardian, who trapped them away in Hevetti as an orphaned spitten. Pilot also has little scars on their jawline of unknown origin. Currently they live in Savnic City. Pilot likes the idea of being celebrity, despite that not being the case.