Plyd (Trade Organization)



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An interstellar trade guild, known to trade in advanced technologies. And by "advanced technologies", I mean worlds with resources split among the control of multiple governments usually aren't worth the trouble of opening negotiations with.

 All Plyd business is conducted on dedicated sections of Plyd-owned an operated ships. The limited reconnaissance available indicate these ships have extremely small, extremely diverse crews for their size, and consist of species in a relatively local area - more specifically, known species of the human-dubbed Orion spur.

Multiple [Goo Alien]s were on the crews of the small fleet that first made contact with the modern [Goo Alien] Military government. The were not ideintified as belonging to any modern strain, nor any special knowledge of recent history - including previous Dictator govenments. 

The Plyd, so far, have not been known to have taken any modern recruits.

According to their histories (Record of Plyd), Plyd was the name of a long-lived trader - possibly a former slave or slaver, depending on the account. The trader's species was not known, but they are responsible for Plyd's bylaws - the basis of local intergalactic trade, and are believed to be the one who propagated early Lightspeed tables (read, finding the speeds where FTL is safe while living is a very dangerous, arduous process) throughout the Spur in parallel to their trade.

It is believed, based the fractional translation of the Record of Plyd, is that one of the guild's goals is to preclude a "Dark Forest" state from propagating through the galaxy. That is, 

  • Where a lack of information creates a shoot first, ask questions later scenario (the Record has somthing on everyone with any power worth mentioning, if you can find it)
  • Where a difference in technological research ability promotes fear of dominant empires (Giving advanced tech can criple advancement and ambition, if done right)