Ouinhed (Referenced Species)



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Taller than humans, bipeds with fine black fur in dark skin, extremely gaunt, wide white eyes and a pink muzzle. Certain humans would say they bare a passing resemblance to the Disney character "Goofy", at least while wearing their headscarves.

They are one of the bogeymen of the Spur. Overcrowded colony ships will drift by a planet, sending down a few Ouinhed in drop pods. If those dropped can find a "home" and make contact with the ship, more will be disgorged - though the ship is never abandoned, it continues towards another destination when the population has been reduced to a minimum, repopulating in the tens or decades it takes to make the journey. If those dropped never make contact, the ship continues with it's settlers intact. The flight is not in a straight line, showing their ships have an extremely long lived means of propulsion, but also meaning their is no warning to their next target.

Already settled planets will usually rush to capture or kill those dropped, as Ouinhed are "known" to only actually use resources efficiently when they have no other option, and will completely deplete a planets' resources. That is, known Ouinhed colony worlds are self-sustaining, but all are extremely well populated.

If unable to contact with their colony ship, dropped Ouinhed will sometmes be allowed to become members of wider society, if they can be effectively isolated from other droppers.