2317 Catan



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EE aa nCh HaHa nBls AurAur nMlt nMkr GltGlt nRbw [nIce nWdy]




ID: 2317 | Official log thread

Catan loves board games and role plays! You will most likely meet him at libraries or in public parks trying to recrute gamers to join his parties. When the weather does not allow it, he will stay home and read instruction booklets for some of his newest games with a nice cup of herbal tea and take notes for his future campaign. Catan is loud but strategic. He isn't afraid to bluff and strike dishonest deals in order to gain an advantage at games. In the end, it's all in good fun and Catan would never be so cold in real life, although he does have a more pragmatic outlook on life. 

Catan spends his summers in Anthurium, where he is the president of the Gamers's Club, which holds meetings biweekly.

Catan was born with a mishapen heart and needs a prosthetic to live. Although this artificial heart monitors his blood pressure and needs, it needs some time to ajust and can only do so much, meaning that he must be cautious about sudden outbursts and efforts and must limit himself to medium levels of activities. He keeps spare parts with him in case it needs emergency repairs, but otherwise has it inspected and maintained once a month or when it experiences malfunctions. He likes to make people believe that his need for an artificial heart comes from some epic fight (the opponent varies from time to time). Although sometimes bumbed out that it prevents him from joining his friends on sports team and trips, he keeps a good outlook and things and thrives to master the things he can do.

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