Elizabeth Kirkhelm




Originally developed for (and still used in) RP, Elizabeth was created in September of 2021 and is usually where I pile all of my chuuni character fantasies. After all, she was created to be the ultimate form of "sushi's type in women," to some extent.

Different ages shown across different illustrations, but current age is 22.

Original RP Reference

Hmph...What's that smell? That bewitched Justice...it's like an orchestra to me. Almost enough to blind my ambition.

The flame sings to me -- can't you beckon that chorus, too!? Feel the inferno within!!



"Suburbs" RP Reference

Formerly a skilled beast hunter and roaming "vigilante" of sorts, she has been incredibly difficult to track. Most if not all of her previous partners have either passed or laid similarly low. Her spirit seems to wear with time and stress, but considering her vigor, endurance and combat style, it may not be advisable to engage in direct combat upon sighting.

Should she target anyone, it is best to lure her into a group battle. Her tools don't fit nicely with that dirty tactic, but it's typically the best chance available.

Having surrendered to or taken care of certain beasts as of late, it may be fair to say that-


-has gotten a little moody, but is still quite prideful and incredibly strong.