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he/him - young adult - biromantic polyamorous

Gumby, Gumbol, Gumbal are all acceptable nicknames and silly spellings.

Gumball is a goofy, canine-imitating xero with a knack for getting himself into shenanigans, and a love of all things that could be reasonably called a ball!

Gumball is a soft-hearted boy, and he’s prone to expressing his feelings with physical affection and over excitement. He can be a little rough sometimes, but it always comes from a warm and loving place, and when told off he becomes extremely remorseful (and oftentimes weepy). He doesn’t speak much, but when he does he tends to slide into shouting gradually, getting so excited that he gets louder, a trait that he’s very self conscious of.

Despite it all, though, Gumball is a good boy! He’s resilient, and is often considered a positive force by those around him. Whenever life knocks Gumball down, he simply rolls over and gets back up! Finding splendor and fulfillment in the world (and people) around him is really all Gumball cares about, to the point he could be described as hedonistic. He just wants to wag tails and eat tasty foods to his hearts content! Woof!