Day 9 - Venomous



1 year, 8 months ago
Trade Listing
For Sale (Real Currency)
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$25 - $75


| ✦ |

Alrighty! A little late, but I bring a crazy UV activated kiddo!

All designs will be subject to my TOS, listed on my website. Bidding will be held through IG, DeviantArt, and my Discord server.

Each Junicorn design will be a head with extras and color codes with an AB option for a full design.

Quick Auction Rules/Info:

| ✦ | Auction closes 48 hours after last bid or when AB is reached.

| ✦ | Payment through PayPal within 48 hours.

| ✦ | Bid through my comment.

| ✦ | Tag the user you’re bidding against with your bid.

| ✦ | AB 1 is for the head design.

| ✦ | AB 2 is for a fullbody design based off the head.

Day 9 of the Junicorn designs is “Venomous”

They’re a dark, demon-horned unicorn that hides a fun flair. They sport 4 eyes, neck scales, and a very flexible scorpion tail. Along with these, they have the ability of flight with bat styled wings, and another way for their venom to be used on a victim, fangs. They seem rather normal until the UV lights come out. Once they do, colors seem to erupt from their body. Colors are always changing under the UV, except for the striped designs that hold onto their normal coat tint. Their whole body also gains a glow under the light that makes them impossible to miss in the dark. This kiddo just makes me think “dangerous beauty.”

SB: $25 

MB: $2 

AB 1: $50 

AB 2: $75