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!!!!!DO NOT ASK ME IF MY OCS ARE FOR TRADE IF THEY'RE NOT IN MY TRADE FOLDER!!!!! No they're not for trade, i'm not interested in getting rid of them, I get so many people asking even though i've put notices up everywhere and having to answer 8 people a day saying the same thing is getting very boring. Just as general rule of thumb, please read peoples profiles before offering on their OC's.. i see it a lot on here and it's so ignorant.

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE ACCEPTING - I am not responsible for anything you may find disturbing after accepting this 'warning'!

Character may have disturbing content. (Gore, Cannibalism, Anti-Religious, NSFW, etc)

I will not chase you for a reply, if you don't reply back to me i'll assume we're done talking.

I DO NOT DO HOLDS! (I do make exceptions for frequent people and friends, max hold of 2 weeks for these people)

I do talk using words like: Sweetheart, Darling, Lovely, Honey, etc~ I do not in ANY way mean this to be derogatory and demeaning! It's just the way we talk where I live in the world.

PLEASE DO NOT, steal, copy or rip off my characters or their stories, in any way!

Last but not least: PLEASE DON'T OFFER ON OC'S THAT ARE NOT IN MY TRADE FOLDERS! It's very sweet that you like my characters but 95% of my Toyhouse will NEVER be for sale or trade! :3 I don't want to waste either of our times!


Thank you so much for reading! :3 You're all very good bebbies and I hope you're having a wonderful day!

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