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"Need something, stranger?"

playful . cunning . silver-tongued . opportunistic

■ Age 21
■ Height 5'10" ft | 177.8 cm
■ Weight 139 lbs | 63 kg
■ Gender Male
■ Orientation Bisexual
■ Status Single
■ Occupation "Merchant"
■ Species Wishbone
■ Sin Type White Bone | Barracuda

creator「 wishbone
About Aqil

"Negotiate well or else I'll get bored of you."


Aqil came from a long lineage of merchants known throughout history for using their wealth to control the world and marking their territory, even by force through hiring an army's worth of mercenaries. Because of his family's boundless generational wealth and influence, he is one of the wealthiest and most powerful men left in the world.

「Setting & History」

Earth survived an apocalyptic event called "The Last Judgment" where a pandemic killed more than two-thirds of the world population, and special individuals are brought back to life if the "sin", the virus, is compatible with its host. Survivors are called "wishbones" because the sin chooses someone with strong desires and contracts anyone who makes a "wish" to it. The sin and the host have a symbiotic relationship and the person brought back retains their self and gains special powers and abilities. However compatibility and survival isn't for everyone even if they had all the wealth and resources in the world, and Aqil's family is no exception. Aqil is the sole survivor who inherited everything that his family had to offer overnight.


Aqil is an incredibly clever and educated young man who seemingly knows what to say or do, though there are times he would show his spoiled and rather childish nature whenever he felt playful. He was always raised in luxury but with providence, and was taught the ways on how to rub elbows with the rich and powerful even when he was still a child. Despite suffering the loss of his entire family, he didn't lose sight of their goals and still plans to continue the family "business".


  • Dancing
  • Live music
  • Gold & jewelry
  • Chocolate icecream
  • Swimming in a pool

  • Extremely hot or cold weather
  • Being compared to his family
  • Being underdressed
  • Losing control
  • Getting bored

「Salem | Occasional hireling」

A young man who's part of a rebel group of wishbones. Since Aqil sometimes hires outsiders he met Salem when he needed the rebels to clear out a group of violent anti-sin armies within his territory. Since he pays the revels handsomely, the rebels would offer their services in exchange of resources that they need. Even though Salem is a mere member with subpar combat skills, Aqil sometimes hires Salem specifically for some covert missions simply because he is "amusing".