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free to use ribbon that I made because I couldn't find anyone else who'd already made them. Comment if you also have a ribbon idea that you can't find and I'll make it for you :)

also if you do use them, it'd be cool if you link your OC's profile so I can see! I like seeing how you guys use my ribbons :)

also also if you want to be pinged when I add new ribbons lmk in a comment

Magic Attribute Ribbons:

51673621_zBkfmH82z5dwoGG.png Firestarter: Fire-related magic or abilities

51673646_sISlBGsfn9UC11S.png In the Wind: Wind- or storm-related magic or abilities

51673658_gCIJUA5Of06ekyI.png Save the Trees: Plant-related magic or abilities

51673679_S6mYW6J6ihmaUOT.png Snow Day: Ice- or snow-related magic or abilities

54103965_pKPvpIWWbqbwWZy.png Telling Time: Time-related magic or abilities

59150600_SPurafEFZ7hLSyE.png Third Eye: Psychic or mind-related magic or abilities

51673703_2Jp5b5oMfEWmV5G.png Water of Life: Water-related magic or abilities

51673729_uT5quL0GkSe8sDW.png What's the Buzz: Electricity-related magic or abilities


59150485_yEAY6oe5GkCP4DZ.png Bird Brain: Partially or fully a bird

53800768_p9GlP2hq64fqdpX.png Bnnuy: Partially or fully a rabbit

79724020_nsACKVsjHc4Qyp6.png Lucky Horseshoe: A horse or has hooves

53800736_lJZlnRbVJTPG5TO.png Man's Best Friend: Partially or fully canine

53800535_e1x7NKPbbmoMHLG.png Purrfect: Partially or fully feline

72206467_1djAjMFUHIZTylk.png Snake In The Grass: Partially or fully reptilian

Amount of Tabs:

51911150_dd8HLIJdkrLvOLw.png Tab Tyke: 1 or more tabs

51911281_NMivuskFxKyPz6O.png Tab Teen: 3 or more tabs

51911317_eIhUacVKYrm2Jgw.png Tab Topliner: 5 or more tabs

51911340_ZDo13ztIfK11rKW.png Tab Titan: 10 or more tabs (link your character in the comments if you've used this one cuz i don't believe you)

66988782_RIfvwcAl0vTNkL3.png Tab Titleholder: 20 or more tabs (If you're using this ribbon, I am afraid of you)


53540012_ReHeKTlrOQ3wFaK.png Survey: 3 or more Q&A answers

53540079_mKWedrHFOb7bCdT.png Interview: 5 or more Q&A answers

53540100_HagWZxvyLS3dHbR.png Interrogation: 10 or more Q&A answers

Design ribbons:

58205351_qDW4jZI1xv1LvfC.png Dressed for Success: Primarily wears suits

59150507_Nw1y4j2Svz6wxoN.png Scientific Progress: Primarily wears labcoats

51626338_zX7MJJ9GWIYpzaO.png?1657078327 Shapeshifter: Multiple forms

Other Ribbons:

53302691_FuGgQRoAgOaH8BH.png Gotta Catch 'Em All: Pokemon-related

72204853_IEdWDzlvgNqfolR.png?1697486256 Lawman: Works in law enforcement

54103989_uhWkUSCuMScxQYC.png Ribbon Ribbon: Most ribbons out of all the user's characters

59150529_9UyyTwnjxzz0p9B.png?1672539683 Sojourner: Travels a lot or is nomadic

58205361_TxzyPHqIX0g5zJo.png Translator: Multilingual

59150560_BaGIINAFT0LJyCk.png Test Tube: Is/was an experiment or was experimented on

66989216_GsEewyxKdaGortS.png Wanted: Is a criminal/is wanted by the police

Miscellaneous (can be used however you'd like)

79724084_pHGknY9pPU2I0QL.png First In My Heart

79724107_LQ80dMXINdFPaZi.png Second In Command

79724197_zzsAr5Bw0CvPHBq.png Third Party

To Be Made: