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Rules & Guidelines

Please Read Before Purchasing

Buying Codes

  • Only Purchase Codes if you understand how to use HTML and / or CSS on Toyhouse!
  • You may only use codes that you have purchased or that are free to use!
  • Do not redistribute codes - You cannot re-sell or trade codes to other users.
  • You may purchase a code for another user, but please let me know if you do so.
  • P2U Codes are all available either through Ko-fi, or older codes through Gumroad.
  • I do not offer refunds on codes if you do not understand how to use the HTML / CSS, or have not read the provided information correctly before purchasing.
  • However, if there is an error with the code purchased or something was not working, I will give you a refund or store credit, whichever you prefer.

General Rules / Terms

  • Do not remove any credit links present on codes - you may alter where the credit is listed or how it displays so long as it remains visible.
  • You may alter codes that you use as you see fit - including combining them with other codes - just do not alter them to redistribute or remove credit.
  • Understand codes marked with CSS require a Premium account to use properly.
  • DO NOT USE MY CODES TO HOST: Any discrimination or other hateful content targeted against real world marginilized groups. This can be a thin line in regards to fictionalized / fantasy content, but please use discretion.
  • DO NOT USE MY CODES TO HOST: Any kind of sexually explicit / adult content that depicts minors / characters under the age of 18.
  • If you break any of my terms, or break any of Toyhouse's rules, you will be blacklisted or potentially reported for any egregious behavior.