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Elnin Kittom - Adult form coming soon with auction AB

Name: Maple

Gender: Female

Traits: Hetrochromia, Spinal Ridge

Tail: Grove

Crown: Hybrid crown - simple fractal diadem

Job: Mayor (in training) Herald of Harmony


Rank: Noble  

Added trait(s): Long Body, Front facing Ears, crown upgraded to complex

PERSONALITY: As a Kittom she's a shy one who's lost on a purpose and is insecure. Lacks confidence as she doesn't know what to do with herself, though she's aware of her title and role, along with her job she's training to do, she hopes one day it would boost her esteem, and gain more belief in herself. She's very kind-hearted and friendly to everyone, as well as overly trusting to everyone she meets unless proven otherwise, as she likes to keep an open mind and unbiased opinion.

Once she's grown up her confidence, esteem and conviction to support others will improve along with her strong desire to fufill her destiny

She's penpals with Ouska who she admires and dreams to one day be strong willed and determined as he.

Likes: Stories, wearing all kinds of outfits and accessories (all girls like dress-up right?) making friends (and soon a mate) peaceful walks, gardening, writing letters and receiving them. Being supportive and welcoming, and keeping the peace in her Village, critters of all sizes, singing/music, naps

Dislikes: (When a Kittom) Having meetings and confrontations alone, (must always have her Kittoms in Waiting with her at all times, if not a bodyguard!) being alone. WATER

Dislikes (When an Adult) Being ignored, arguments, fights. WATER, crime ie theft, lies, either herself or friends being insulted,