Alan Smith



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"I am not going to say somthing stupid for you to publish"

Alan is the main character of Technical Difficulties, a comic I've been meaning to write since 2013. It's existed in different forms over the years but hasn't been fully realized. Alan has been the focal point of the story since day one.

They are a type of fae (humanoid magical beings) called animalkind (those with animal-like traits), specifically batkind (wings, fangs, poor eyesight). They have low-level magical abilities, mostly just photographic memory. They can't even fly with their wings and usually keep them under a glamor spell. Their tattoos are also a glamor, and can change.

  • High strung
  • perfectionist
  • coffee snob
  • organized
  • antisocial
  • anxious

Alan is someone who feels under considerable pressure 24/7. They inherited the role of theatre manager and is trying their best. They're very picky about a lot of things including textures and time. They have a photographic memory and tend to forget that they're pretty much alone in that ability. It riles them up when other people are forgetful or are untimely. They don't sleep a lot and have a very odd two-phase sleep schedule. They run on coffee and can only seem to relax the tiniest bit with marijuana, which they are also a snob about. They can be snippy and rough unless you manage to get on their good side, where they will show tenderness and compassion. But that's an earned state with them.

Interests: magic abilities and subtyping of fae (they love the categories they can put people in), theatre management, coffee preparation and styles (they like hot mochas with oat milk the most), the science behind cannabis, bats, organizational schemes especially tabbed binders

Themes/motifs: sunsets, nighttime, bats, theatre, hot drinks, sweaters, dark mori fashion, wings, skulls, fog, smoke, halloween, minimalism


Alan was adopted by X when they were a baby, seemingly abandoned due to being half fae. X ran a community theatre staffed exclusively by fae to give them a nice safe space to be themselves and use their strengths. Alan grew up around the theatre and became very fascinated by it and theatre history.

When X retired, Alan took over managing the theatre. They feel very overwhelmed by the prospect and logistics, but are up for the challenge.

The story of TDC revolves around Alan putting on their first production solo, without X's help.


  • Really into fashion but thinks its an embarassing hobby so they don't mention it ever.
  • Autistic, diagnosed basically right away as a kid. Mostly visible in how they organize objects and people and process sensory input.
Full name
Alan Smith
No nicknames. Just Alan.
Non-binary, does not like labels
They/Them or Xe/Hir
Undefined, just says 'gay'
7/20, but doesn't know their exact birthday. Observed on the 20th
Unnamed town, lives in the theatre
Batkind Fae
4 year degree in theatre arts
Theatre Manager
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Tense relationship with Mel. Mel likes to rile Alan up and tease them. Their relationship is very much a 'it could have worked, if we met under different circumstances, or were at a different place in our lives'. They're coworkers and friends despite how antagonistic they act to each other.


Casper views Alan as her mentor. She's very nervous around them, and wants them to think very highly of her. Alan thinks Casper is sweet, and tries to be nice to her, not really sure how they should approach a work relationship with her. Alan also thinks it's kind of weird that they grew up knowing Casper's mom, but barely know Casper.


Christopher is instantly smitten with Alan, thinking they're the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. Immediately, Alan becomes his muse. He is desperately trying to win Alan over, and unfortunately (Alan thinks), it's working. They see him as charming and goofy underneath a very hard annoying exterior.

  • Height: 5'1"
  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Eyes: navy sclera and lavender irises
  • Build: petite

Alan is a slight-framed bipedal humanoid. Their appearance is nearly entirely human other than slightly pointed ears and teeth and strange eyes. They can also manifest some dark wings on their back but they are not useful for flight and usually just get in the way, so they are not present most of the time. They have medium-light tan skin, a flat nose, and thick lips. Their eyes have dark blue sceleras and lavender irises with very small pupils. Their eyesight is very bad and they wear thick glasses with red frames most of the time. Their hair is dark brown and styled with a shaved side and long in the back and on top. They have thick dark eyebrows and freckles. Their body is thin and relatively flat. They have been on hormone therapy for a while now but keep any major changes to themself.