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【 Name 】 Eriden Xander Justa【 Called 】 Eri or Eriden
【 Age 】 20【 D.o.B. / Zodiac 】 1st of Nelesea / Niin, the Independent
【 Gender / Orientation 】 Male / Homosexual【 Goo 】 Green / Green-Yellow - Uncommon
【 Skin / Markings 】 Gray - Uncommon / Twirls - Dark Green【 Eyes / Hair / Ears 】 Common / Rare / Uncommon
【 Spikes / Arms 】 Common / Uncommon【 Height / Weight 】 5' 2" / 301 pounds
【 Origin 】 Kotiin【 Species/Race 】 Pakkeli

About Eri

Eri is rambunctious and fun! He likes to do daredevil shenanigans - testing the limits is his way of having fun! He does get hurt and in trouble from it, but he just likes the attention. He is also a huge flirt! He loves to talk (a lot) and poke fun at the obvious too. Sometimes his personality can be a little much to take.

Home Life and Family
Eri only recently turned 20. He is staying with his parents for now - living in a vacation hot spot is tons of fun! But it makes for expensive housing so he has to save in order to go get his own place. He gets along alright with his dad - his dad is rather quirky and fun. His mom tho, she is a bit of a stickler for perfection. But he is a mama's boy and could get a way with murder with a simple look to his mother (and maybe a playful whimper).

Home City: Aloidia
House: 3-bedroom family home
Transport: Walks everywhere or rides a skateboard or bike

Work and Fun
Eri is happily unemployed right now just riding on the generosity of his parents (well, his mother). He is in no hurry to join the workforce when a simple smile and polite request can get him whatever he wants from his mother. Besides, he's only 20 - he's still figuring out what he wants to do. In the meantime, he spends his time doing stunts, flirting with tourists (and playing 'harmless' pranks on them), and making sure he just looks and is fabulous!

【 Likes 】
  • Innocent Pranks
  • Talking with Tourists
  • Doing dangerous stunts
  • Shopping
  • Drama!
【 Dislikes 】
  • Poor Sports / Can't Take a Joke
  • Bad Weather
  • Being told "No"
【 Hobbies 】
  • Biking (and stunts)
  • Sakteboarding (and stunts)
  • Surfing



[ a strange couple of parents ]

Mom always has my back and won't let dad "bring me down" as she puts it. Being an only child rocks (could be less boring, but I get all the love)!

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