Mallamark ★★★★★★



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ArtFight Profile

Story in: "Wyvern's Path" ~ Main Character


eye color: silver

hair color: red

race: human

He was raised to be a human weapon in the kingdom he was born in because of his immense fire magic potential, and for he's extremely rare form of Humal (beast transformation) magic that allows him to transform into a silver ridgeback dragon. Humals that take up traits of normal animals barely make up 10% of the world population; Magic beast humals like Mallamark make of a small fraction of the population, less than 1%. 

He is very indifferent and even cold to the lives of people he doesn't care about. On the rare occasion he is sent to the battlefield, he is often used as a last resort because he will burn enemies and retreating allies alike if they're in the area he's designated to attack. He could easily avoid the Sorhurian soldiers, but he chooses not to. When reprimanded by his commanding officers he will play the innocent card and say he completed his task as commanded. Since his parent's sold him to the government when he was still pretty young, he's learned how to push the rules without getting himself into too much trouble. His deviousness typically keeps him posted on standby except for emergencies. He stays at the royal castle located in Sorhure's capital, spending most days either training, or transformed as a dragon perched above the main gate when lords of the country, ambassadors and such come as a sign of intimidation by the King. Mallamark is often referred to as the Dragon of Sorhure.

Even though he doesn't really care about people he doesn't really ever kill outside when he's given orders to.

Although when he with the few people he cares about (including my other character here named Wyatt Seymour) He is very cheerful, happy person. He cares a lot about them and can be a bit over protective and clingy. Has a tendency to tackle hug wyatt.

Malla has a crush on Wyatt (I tend to ship him with Wyatt)

Malla was initially interested in Wyatt when he heard rumors that another dragon humal was going to be visiting the castle. Knowing nothing else about the foreigner, Malla had already formed a sense a comradery, because there was someone else like him out there. upon meeting Malla took to Wyatt right away, and would spend most of his freetime with Wyatt.