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⛧Some characters may contain moderate-heavy blood, gore, body horror, etc.⛧

⛧Some characters/art will have sensitive themes⛧

⛧I do curse, I will do my best not to around you if you so request, just lmk

⛧Religious imagery/themes may be shown



⛧Steal/trace/copy any of my art/designs

⛧General DNI criteria, you know the drill⛧

⛧Force your religion on me. If you're chill w/ me, I'm chill w/ you, mutual respect



⛧Remind me if I said I‘d do something for you/owe you⛧

⛧Lmk if a character/image isn't properly tagged! Sometimes I don't realize

⛧Interact all you want, I enjoy it/encourage it. I promise you're not annoying me

⛧Dreamie/Fav spam, it makes me really happy to see that people like my stuff

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