Nabiva the Druid (ny Dohnan)



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Nabiva ny Dohnan, the Druid

First meeting in character:
Ashkaeon Daell, Tormonth 23

Player: Jean

Age: 2499 as of year 9999Race: Tordanyan High ElfResidence: Ashkaeon Daell
Height7'0" / 213.36 cmPronouns: They/them, She/her, He/him
(in order of preference)
Sexuality: Demisexual
Occupation: Archdruid, Taxidermist, Retired TeacherKingdom: TordanyaAffiliations:
Aeridas Post Mortem Network


  • They're incapable of lying
  • They've read every book in their wife's library
  • They've learned every language they've heard spoken in their lifetime
  • In addition to speaking multiple languages, they also understand thieves cant and druidic
  • Despite knowing all these languages, they default to elvish almost 100% of the time
  • They're on regulated sleep schedules as imposed by their family
  • They aren't allowed to wander The Daell without supervision, but the library is free reign
  • Most of the Daell only knows them barely by name and as "Nae's spouse", as they don't interact with most people outside of their immediate family
  • The exception to the rule of interacting with Daell residents is when there's a festival in town, which they never miss, and they make pleasant conversation when they attend them
  • They don't have a favorite plant, but Orchids are their least favorite, because they bitch the entire time they're being kept
  • They do have favorite animals, deer, cats, and corvids of any kind
  • They fall asleep almost immediately while being held
  • They're called "mam" by the vast majority of their children, but they make an exception for "dad" with their eldest son
  • Aside from a couple of flings in their early early youth, they haven't been in any sort of relationship with anyone before their wife
  • They were the diligent test subject for the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, a passion project by them and their cousin Octavia
  • She caught the insects, but has skin too hard to be stung, so a willing living participant was necessary to make any written documentation
  • Being unable to lie and also able to communicate with the insects stinging them, their test results were both brutal and very enlightening
  • They've already come up with a name for any potential child that they have with Nae, a gender neutral name that can be broken down into almost limitless nicknames
  • Because of the genetic makeup of the child they would have, they would be prone to having many smaller hoards on top of a main one, like Nae when she was younger, and they've taken it into consideration with wanting to give the child a hoard of names right off the bat
  • They've been interacting with the undead since their birth, one of their first memories is shoving their tiny fat hands in Gerald Schmidt's mouth to feel his pointy teeth
  • They made sure the plants on the side of the library grew to envelop the whole of the library, but kept the invasive species from taking over the entire town, as well
  • No magic was involved in this process, just motivational speaking and encouragement
  • Has furthered the reach and connection of Aethr by pitching the method they used to tap into it from Sveros to their wife, a modified Travel via Plant
  • Without insistence of silly plant magic to arcane magic users there wouldn't be precise and pointed connection outside of the Velynds without risking tapping by Quorum
Chaotic Good
Wandering 12 Patron:
Lord of Light
Hogwarts House:
Deadly Sin/Heavenly Virtue:
Favorite Color:
Gold/Dark Blue
Favorite Season:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Plant:
Anything but Orchids
Favorite White Noise:
Gentle breathing and heartbeats
Favorite Food/Drink:
Favorite Pokemon:


Nae ny Dohnan - Wife

Lathron Norethyan ny Dohnan - Son - Adopted
Thaurel Dirthzea ny Dohnan - Daughter - Adopted
Arethya Norethyan ny Dohnan - Daughter - Adopted
Cyonal Dirthzea-Freanithym ny Dohnan - Son - Adopted
Spectra ny Dohnan - Child - Adopted
Dia Navros ny Dohnan - Daughter - Adopted
Pologa ny Dohnan - Daughter - Adopted
Prima Tarr ny Dohnan - Child - Adopted

Kysha Dirthzea-Freanithym ny Dohnan- Grandson - Aelemar, Cyonal step-child
Pyali Dirthzea-Freanithym ny Dohnan - Granddaughter - Aelemar, Cyonal step-child
Haeltha Norethyan ny Dohnan - Granddaughter - Arethya/Eravnya
Seriyna Norethyan ny Dohnan - Granddaughter - Arethya/Eravnya

Aziz Dirthzea-Freanithym ny Dohnan - Grandson - Aelemar/Cyonal
Gerald Schmidt, Esq. - Uncle - Undead - Not related by blood
Claudia Schmidt, Esq. - Aunt - Undead - Not related by blood
Drusilla Schmidt, Esq.
 - Cousin - Undead - Not related by blood
Aurellia Schmidt, Esq. - Cousin - Undead - Not related by blood

Octavia Schmidt, Esq. - Cousin - Undead - Not related by blood

Eravnya Norethyan ny Dohnan - Daughter-in-Law - Arethya's Wife
Aelemar Dirthzea-Freanithym - Son-in-Law - Cyonal's Husband