Osbourne Huxley



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Vampire the Masquerade
50, true age 51
6' 2"
Priest, vampire hunter
Society of Leopold
(Children of Lazerus)

Osbourne Huxley


sincere / devoted / temperamental

At just 6 years of age, Osbourne and his sister were adopted by the church after their father was tragically killed by their mother. Officially, it was a woman gone mad, driven to kill her husband. Truthfully, she had been driven to frenzy after being turned into a vampire, refusing to feed on another human. A young Osbourne had found himself on his back, face to face with his mother, their father's blood dripping from her chin and onto his face before she yanked herself away, wailing, and shattered through a window. That was the last time he saw her.

Since Osbourne was old enough to wield his shotgun, he's been hunting alongside his sister, Claudia. His most pervasive thought is that everything happens for a reason. He feels he was chosen as one of God's crusaders to drive out the anti-christ. Despite his sister's wishes, he never stopped searching for his mother. He believes it is his duty to kill her-- if she still lives-- as it's the last mercy he can grant her and the only avenue she has for a chance at Salvation. Through hunting, he works to not only purge vampires but to earn salvation for his mother so she may join him in the new order after the Second Coming: heaven on earth.

Unfortunately, his life was thrusted into chaos when he became the very thing he vowed to kill. But everything happens for a reason, right?


  • As a priest, Osbourne lives in a friary alongside other members of the Society of Leopold.
  • He tends to the garden on the church grounds, horiculture being a hobby of his.
  • His older sister is a hard woman. She took on a mother-like role while they were raised by the Society of Leopold. Despite her stern demeanor, she is doting towards him. Sometimes, it’s embarrassing because she treats him like a child despite the fact that he’s a 50 year old man.
  • His cell phone is an older flip phone model to save him the trouble of using a touch screen. Since he was turned, he's had all sorts of trouble with touch screens and phone calls. It has something to do with his vampiric curse, but he's not sure why it happens.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. [John 1:5]

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