Valentino Walker



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A very flirty runaway Prince. Valentino hated his old life, so he ran away to start anew.

Basic information 

Full name: Terro “Valentino” Walker

Nickname: Val

Birthday: February 14th 1999

Species: Rabbit (centaur)

Gender: Male he/him

Height: 7 foot 7 (excluding ears)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Languages spoken: English


Likes: Romance, Culture, Nature, Technology, Singing

Dislikes: Royalty, Government/Politics, Sleeping in, Sand, Paint


Valentino is a hopeless romantic. He’ll basically find a way to flirt with anything and anyone. Being a Prince got him use to being charismatic and charming, although he isn’t like that naturally. He loves learning about culture and traditions. In order to “fit in” he always follows what’s currently trending, even if it makes him come off as fake or superficial.


Addictions: Caffeine

Mental illnesses: None

Physical illnesses: None

Disabilities: None

Allergies: None

Fears/phobias: Being found by his father, leaving his new life


Because Val is a centaur, he has extra organs. He has two hearts and four lungs, so he can hold his breath a very long time. He can also run for a long time


Strengths: Centaur anatomy, hearing

Weaknesses: Flirty tendencies

Weapons/tools: None


Terro was born into the royal family of one of Mirror Domain’s kingdoms. Being the firstborn male, he was destine to take over the throne once he came of age. Because he was the son of the King, he instantly became well known.

Terro couldn’t go anywhere alone without being swarmed by people. Because of this, he was rarely allowed outside the castle, and when he was he had to be with guards or the King.

While Terro was the prince, he certainly didn’t act like one. He hated how controlling his father was. Going to special classes, being forced to take part in diplomatic ceremonies, and all of his other princely duties were just too much. He’d rather spend his time singing, messing with his hair, flirting with the maids, ect. A lot of the time, he’d ditch whatever he was suppose to be doing to do these things. This made the King furious, and caused a lot of conflict between him and Terro.

As Terro grew up he became more secretive and sneaky. His father would yell at him for all the things he enjoyed, so he’d avoid his father as much as possible. He also started to deliberately disobey, just to piss him off. Typical angsty teen behaviour.

One day, Terro got out. He snuck into the gardeners shed, stole a uniform, and snuck out of the castle. He did his best to keep himself hidden, but his face was known everywhere. He was quickly discovered and dragged back to the castle. But did Terro learn his lesson? Nope. Escaping turned into a game. He’d find more and more ways to sneak out, while the guards became more and more alert.

Eventually Terro turned 17. His birthday was a celebrated holiday in the kingdom, same as the King and Queen. They always had a grand parade on his birthday, and Terro could sing and dance and do whatever he wanted while everyone watched. Only this year, there was no parade. Because Terro had been disobeying his father so often, his “punishment” was that he had to stay at home and focus on his studies, like any other day. There was some public backlash from this decision, but most citizens don’t dare argue with the King. This event caused Terro’s relationship with his dad to get even worse. They weren’t even on speaking terms anymore. He’d just lock himself in his room whenever he could.

Eventually Terro had had enough. He can’t remember what it was about, but he got in a very violent argument with his father, that ended in a fight. Terro lost, of course, because he’d always sneak off during his self defence lessons. He decided that he couldn’t take anymore of this. Being a Prince sucked. He wanted out. But how could he “get out”? His face was known all across the kingdom! It’s hard for someone like that to start over.

The solution? Start over on a different country. Terro’s father had many trade routes with many different places. There were cargo shipments coming and going constantly. All he’d have to do is sneak on one and get off somewhere where less people knew who he was. Then he could get on another one and go somewhere where no one knew him at all. Perfect! The plan was foolproof! Well, almost. Actually getting out of the castle would be a big problem. How would he do it? He had to think of something… What could make him look different? Two things came to mind.

The first thing was hiding his markings. His unique fur patterns made his stand out. Then he got an idea. Paint! The castle had tons of paint! Not only did they have paint, but they had paint that was the same colour of his fur (due to portrait paintings being worked on and such). He grabbed the paints and painted all of his markings until he looked like a normal grey rabbit with a white belly. Not the most common fur colour, but definitely more average looking than a blue spotted rabbit with stripes. He looked normal.

Well, almost. The second problem was his hair. While long hair was a popular hairstyle, due to the importance the Prince put on his hair, it still gave him away. It was one of his main identifying features! That paired with his voice was a dead giveaway, despite his fur looking relatively normal. After contemplating what to do for a long time, he came to the horrible conclusion that he had to cut his hair. Cut it! His precious hair! As much as he didn’t want to, he knew that it’d keep his identity secret, even if his voice sounded the same. No one would expect him to cut his hair. He grabbed some scissors, and cut his hair as short as he could force himself to.

After cleaning up the paint and hair he stole another uniform from the staff and left. The guards didn’t recognise him. They thought he was just one of the night staff. Once he was out another thing came to mind. His name. He always hated his name, as it was a family name, so he wasn’t that upset about changing it. If he was going to start his life over he’d need a new identity.

Terro thought long and hard about his new name. It’d be what people called him from now on, so it had to be perfect! Eventually, he decided his new name would be Valentino. He liked the name. It had a nice ring to it. Plus it was different enough from his normal name that it wouldn't be suspicious. Now it was time to get out of the kingdom.

Val didn’t just leave empty handed. He took some money with him. He knew he couldn’t travel the world for free, not as a regular citizen anyway. There was a trade center not too far from where he was, and he knew shipments left and arrived every 8 hours. He walked over and went with the next caravan.

Now to find a country that didn’t know him at all. This proved to be difficult, because all the places he knew about were either allies or enemies. People there would know who he is. Val knew this paint wouldn’t last forever, so he’d have to find some place quick!

After asking around, someone finally told him about a place that didn’t know him. The kingdom was very far away, and didn’t interact with other countries much. Getting there would be difficult, but Val had enough money with him to get anyone interested in taking him there.

Valentino eventually got to the new kingdom, and he’s been living there ever since. He loves their culture and all the cool stuff they have there!  He doesn’t go out in public much, to avoid getting caught in the off chance someone recognises him,  but he enjoys his new life as Valentino.

Artist notes


Clothing: Very formal. Usually wears a tux. Being a taur, pants don’t really work, but if you can figure it out then go for it

Physical appearance: Decently toned, but not muscular. He’s always well put together and clean. His long hair is almost always styled extremely nicely (he loves his hair). His face can be either rabbit-like or humanoid, but I prefer his rabbit face. Either way, his pointy fangs always poke out of his mouth

Expressions: Flirty, smug, blushy


Val use to be a PlaneWalker (closed species) but I’m bad at humanoid faces so I changed him into a rabbit.

His personality came from the submission title of the original adopt post

He use to be an alien, who traveled to earth to get away from the monarchy. I felt that his design was better suited for Mirror Domain, so he switched universes.