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Captain Valka Rotaeir is an elderly green dragonborn woman, weathered by the past years of war. She is snakelike in appearance, wiry and lithe at 7'3", with a longer neck, body, and limbs. She stands slouched, leaning heavily on a polearm that doubles as a makeshift cane; often heavily bundled against the cold, her right leg is visibly braced with leather and steel rods, and her right arm and hand are entirely covered by a black brace buckled in faded brass. While she is able to use her braced leg normally (albeit stiffly), her arm is kept immobile against her chest by a tightly fitting sling. Her scales are mottled dark greens and yellows, graying around her eyes, muzzle, and knuckles, and she has many prominent scars from old battles on all visible skin. The right side of her face is badly burned, and her eye on that side is entirely covered by a large patch. Her other eye is milky white; it's uncertain whether she can see out of her visible eye or if the patch isn't opaque.
Despite sharing the same rank, Captain Kate Wind appears to defer to her, and while she seems intimidating, Valka herself seems uncomfortable with trepidation from the crew.