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thank you so much!! ^_^ guy fieri 4 lyfe...

i love this so much

thank you!! ^_^

no prob ^^

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by right clicking and copying the image address of the toolbar buttons ( found here: ) and using it inside of an tag! like so:
< img src=""> (without spaces)

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Hey! I don't know how but my stamp sizing got fvcked and idk what happend-

(It wasn't always like this, somehow just was like that when I visited my profile once)

I did do some extra coding for my playlist but also wasn't like that after I had finished working on it so- cjxbbdbyjfjd idk what it could be. Do you have maybe an idea? (This is one of my fav codes ever btw) 


NVM! I know now what the problem was. I had a big brain moment and found out the problem was the side I uploaded my stampz to

loving the guy fieri theme

thank you LOL

hi the text doesnt look right on dark themes <:D Screen_Shot_2022-10-26_at_6.44.42_PM.pngidk if its a bootstrap code but if you wanna fix it id recommend just putting text-dark in the paragraph classes ^.^

oh my freak i forgot dark themes even existed let me fix that real quick!!!! edit: fixed :D ty for pointing that out!!!

LOL np!!

this is the best "classic ms paint" code yet!!

THANK YOU!!!! ;_;

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omg it is?? it just links to the tab so i wonder how that happened..... edit: i am a Fool and forgot to change the tabs to public viewing my bad!!!!!!!

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since you requested it!! :D pinkie